Are you tired of aches and pains? We have a graphic to help guide you to reducing aches, pains and inflammation!
Are You Experiencing Aches and Pains?

If you feel you are aging to prematurely and experiencing joint pain, arthritis or muscle soreness, you may be dealing with chronic inflammation. But do not worry! You can prevent further aches and pains and reduce the ones you have by watching what you eat. Did you know certain food is more inflammatory than others?  Well if you didn't know and want to know, BeProvided has created an easy pocket guide to help you avoid highly inflammatory foods. Just click HERE to download your free infographic guide. The guide compares inflammatory foods vs. non-inflammatory foods. A great start to feeling better!!

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Shamanic Energy Healing is an ancient healing tradition practiced among many different wisdom keepers. Shaman's work to address imbalances on every level. A shaman can help you if you have a challenge in the physical, emotional or spiritual are of your life that is not in balance and other treatments alone are not working. Learn about Lisa's journey to become a shamanic energy healing. Learn how this healing can help with a number conditions from mood issues to weight loss.

Lisa's Website is:
There you can find out more about her services and upcoming events!
I hope you all have been doing well. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments for the podcast guest speakers! You can begin a discussion on the podcast radio page at
If you are interested in a specific health topic or speaker, please let me know and I will try to get them on the show. 

In two weeks, we will have Steve Smith (Lisa's husband) talk to us about his book The Enlightened Relationship and his work with couples. 


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