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Voice of the DPM
Royston, GA

I enjoy going to meetings where I can see old friends and visit fun places.

When I go to a seminar I look for a few things as it relates to the lectures...

Because I have a personal interest in critical limb ischemia, I look for lectures that increase my knowledge and keep me up to date.

I also like to look at lectures that incorporate helping my practice grow by helping make better business decisions that correlate with my medical decision-making process. In other words, I believe that we are in the business of practicing medicine and I want to tie good business decisions to great medical care.

Because I've experienced meetings as an exhibitor too, I seek meetings that have strong traffic and logistics. I wish more meetings had events in the exhibit hall other than just meals and scanning that actually drove the attendees to come to the exhibit hall.
I think there are a few good meetings out there and it depends on what an attendee is looking for.

Some of the larger meetings allow you to catch up with classmates who may not be practicing in your state; but what I have really learned is that as a vendor (Talar Medical) I have found the small state society meetings are often better, as I get more time to interact with colleagues and potential new clients. It also gives attendees a better chance to chat with vendors and not be rushed.

The larger meetings that I like are the APMA National , The Western , NY Clinical , SAM and ACFAS . I am a big fan of the PI meetings as well.
Dr. Ira Kraus was a member of the APMA Board of Trustees 2006 -2019 serving as President 2017-2018 . He currently represents APMA as the AMA CPT representative.
Dr. Kraus is board certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgeons and is a fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, American Podiatric Practice Management Association (AAPPM). He is Director of New Business Development for Extremity Healthcare consisting of 65 physicians in three states. In addition to his expertise as a board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Kraus holds a B.A. in Economics, and has lectured nationally on practice management and billing and coding for many years.
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Voice of the Vendor
Michael Friedman
President | Redi-Thotics

A New Way to Think About
the Cost of Exhibiting

When I’m planning my marketing campaigns for the year, trade shows are an integral part of my operation. Exhibiting can be expensive, as we all know, but here’s a few reasons why I place a high value on a booth space.

The ROI and engagement at a booth is obvious and easy to track . The rep at the show can keep a tally of exactly how many people come to the booth to talk about our products. He/she knows if they are a quality lead, a current customer, or just looking for samples. We can then compare that to our orders taken at the show and the weeks following to get a clear picture of our performance at the conference.

Even the times when orders are low, a good sales rep will still have collected names and phone numbers or email addresses for all the qualified leads. You absolutely cannot beat this value.

I like to think that the the cost of a booth is relevant to the cost of a print ad. They often cost about the same, but the booth provides tangible leads and detailed information on our customers or prospects. With a print ad, you never really know who is actually reading it or even seeing it.

It’s worth saying, though, that all forms of advertising serve a purpose and they all have their place.

Booths at conferences are a higher priority for me when budgeting because we get more out of them. Certain conferences perform better for us and that is something we’ve learned over time.

Resources like the ratings PodiatryMeetings.com publishes also assist us in making decisions and finding new seminars to exhibit at that we didn’t know about.
NEW Feature - For Meeting Planners/Organizers
Pros + Cons of Outsourcing
As you know, many of the conferences and seminars in the podiatric industry are run by organizations or associations.

Additionally, associations are also often run by a rotating group of members, elected to fill a position for 1 or 2 years. The quick turnaround of individuals in leadership positions in these associations and organizations can make it difficult to “copy and paste” from one year to the next.  

In addition to filling a leadership role, most members involved in helping with meeting planning and implementation are also busy, practicing physicians. This can create even more stress and distraction from the goals of the main event.

One way to ensure a smooth transition from one leadership team to the next, is to outsource the tasks associated with the annual conference. This ensures that each yearly event maintains the same basic flow and strengthens crucial relationships (like those with sponsors and faculty) year after year.

 provides physicians and industry partners with valuable reviews, ratings, and testimonials in an effort to enable both of these parties to make stronger, informed decisions about which Podiatric meetings, conferences, seminars and trade shows to budget for and attend in the future.

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