July 2016

We hope you're enjoying your summer, and finding time to relax and have fun with your family. (And of course, making sure to keep up your SPF when you're outdoors!) As always, we've got the latest beauty and wellness news for you, plus limited-time special offers that you won't want to miss.


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Rejuvé in the Restylane Top 100!
Among more than 5,000 clinics nationwide, Rejuvé has recently been honored as one of the Top 100 volume injectors for  Restylane ! We're grateful that we've been able to use our experience and expertise with  Restylane  to help so many of our patients. We are excited to continue providing you with one of the top  Restylane  experiences available not just in the Bay Area, but with this honor, in the entire country.

Restylane is popular with our patients because it's a safe and natural cosmetic dermal filler that restores volume and fullness even to deep wrinkles or hollows. It is made up of non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (HA). It's not animal-derived,  so Restylane is well tolerated; plus HA is naturally found in your body and fully biocompatible. 

With Restylane Lyft and Restylane Silk now available in addition to its original formulation, there are even more options with this popular treatment. Call  Rejuvé at 408-740-5320 to set up a consultation with Dr. Tang to learn more.

Say Goodbye to Dark Circles Under Your Eyes
If you have dark circles beneath your eyes, it can make you look tired even if you've gotten a full night's sleep. Many times, dark circles are due to aging, but there's a genetic component as well -- some people are simply predisposed to have less volume in this area.  There are plenty of products on the market that promise to temporarily reduce dark circles, but we find that patients often aren't happy with these and want a better solution.
Dark circles aren't just about skin tone -- it's also the result of changes in the skin around the eyes. The skin beneath the eyes loses volume as we age, making this area "sink." This concavity exacerbates the appearance of dark circles. Especially when you're in the sun, there can be a strong shadow effect beneath the eyes. 

If eye creams and concealer just aren't doing the trick, Restylane can help fill those hollows. It can restore lost volume, and the change looks subtle and natural. You won't look "surprised" -- you'll just look well-rested, more youthful, and refreshed. Plus,  Restylane can provide you with longer lasting results than eye creams or other topical products. Instead of for just one night, your results will last anywhere from 6 months to a year.

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Hair Loss Doesn't Just Affect Men

Thinning hair is generally thought of as a problem that men experience. To varying degrees, we tend to expect men to lose hair as they age. For women, however, it's a different story. Women are often stereotyped as being hair-obsessed, whether it's style, color, or simply using lots of tools and products. That makes the situation even more difficult for women who experience hair loss. It's estimated that women actually make up 40% of the population affected by thinning hair. While men might choose to just shave their heads or wear hats whenever possible, women don't generally view these as options. For many women, hair loss takes an emotional toll. 

You can read much more about what causes hair loss in women on our blog. In order to address hair loss, it's important to understand what is causing the problem. Hair loss can be caused by a wide range of conditions. While some causes (like androgenic alopecia, aka "female pattern baldness") are a permanent shift, others (like telogen effluvium) are temporary. Losing hair can also be an indicator of a larger health issue, like an under-functioning thyroid or a nutritional deficiency.
In order to determine the cause of hair loss and how best to treat it, Dr. Tang covers a wide range of issues in his consultations, including inflammation, hormones, stress, exposure to toxic heavy metals, and nutrition. He can perform hormone testing, vitamin testing, and/or a complete thyroid panel to help hone in on the problem. Rejuvé offers a range of at-home products for hair loss, as well as hair loss treatments in our offices. 

If you are concerned about thinning hair, call Rejuvé at 408-740-5320 to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Tang.
Relief for Aching Joints

We often take it for granted that as we get older, we'll suffer from aches and pains. But when you have arthritis or a degenerated joint, you may find it hard to do everyday activities like walking and climbing stairs. The pain, swelling, and stiffness brought on by arthritis can limit your mobility, keeping you from enjoying life to its fullest.
For patients who are experiencing joint pain or arthritic symptoms, Dr. Tang recommends Rejuvé's own specially formulated Joint Support, which can help relieve symptoms associated with degenerative joints, rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoarthritis. 

Joint Support is formulated with Collagen Type II and Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which help your body create synovial fluid to better lubricate your joints. It also includes natural anti-inflammatories like boswelia, turmeric, and green-lipped mussel, and trans-resveratrol, selenium, and zinc, which help protect against oxidative damage. Even ingredients you'll see in many joint supplements -- like glucosamine and chondroitin -- are better quality formulations in Joint Support.

Dr. Tang has seen improvement in patients who were taking other kinds of OTC joint supplements, including those who had initially improved but found they "plateaued." Joint Support helps encourage healthy joints by providing nutritional support for the cartilage and ligaments for healthy function, mobility, and lubrication to maintain optimal range of motion and to help lessen the oxidative damage due to the rigors of daily activities that could worsen the joint. 

Are you unsure whether the supplements you're taking are doing you any good? Get personalized advice from Dr. Tang. Rejuvé offers a wide range of high quality supplements, as well as vitamin testing that can help you determine how effective your supplements truly are. Call  Rejuvé at 408-740-5320 to make an appointment for a consultation. 

Limited Time Savings on Restylane!

To celebrate Rejuvé being included in the Restylane Top 100, we're bringing you extra special savings on Restylane and Restylane Lyft. But hurry, these savings are for a limited time only!

From July 25-29 at Rejuvé, you can save $100 on 1 syringe OR $250 on 2 syringes of Restylane OR Restylane Lyft.

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Save 10% on Joint Support Supplements

If you experience discomfort due to aching joints or symptoms of arthritis, Rejuvé's  Joint Support supplements give your cartilage and ligaments high quality nutritional support.

Even better, right now at Rejuvé you can save 10% on  Joint Support.

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Time is Running Out! Save on Sculptra

Sculptra is popular with our patients for reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles and folds, replacing lost collagen and restoring volume. 

Right now at Rejuvé, we have extra savings on Sculptra -- but supplies are limited, so hurry in! You can save $525 on three vials of Sculptra.

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Save 15% on Latisse

Want longer, thicker, more beautiful eyelashes? Grow your own with Latisse!

Even better, right now at Rejuvé you can save 15% on  Latisse.

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