Tis the season for hope
46 faces of the Spraker dogs

Shown above are the 46 dogs rescues from the
Sprakers, NY confiscation of 2014.

Righting the wrong: a message of hope and triumph

In early 2014, in one small town in upstate NY, many lives were changed forever. Both canine and human. Almost 50 Border Collies were freed from a life of cruelty to finally experience a warm home and the loving kindness of humans. The Sprakers, NY confiscation case brought the reality of suffering front and center. It was painfully horrific to witness the ugly situation humans can inflict upon innocent dogs for the sake of money. You helped us right this wrong.

Photo of dog in blue barrrelThe Sprakers breeding situation reflects the reality of what befalls a popular breed. Anyone and everyone wants to profit without care for the soul of the dog or the heritage of the breed itself. Money leads to pain upon innocent creatures for the sake of filling a demand.

We are now facing a crisis with more and more cases of abusive situations.

Rescue efforts are truly critical to saving Border Collies from being carelessly sold into unsuitable lives but even more importantly, stopping the unspeakable cruelties. These dogs need us ALL to stay focused on helping them.

We stepped up to the challenge in 2014 and you cheered
Glen Highland Farm on with the financial support
that was so critically needed.

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We celebrate this very rewarding success with you

We want to share the tender moments of a few of the many Border Collies who thank you for helping them find safe haven through Glen Highland Farm in 2014. All our hearts are relieved these dogs are safe.

CAl: Before and after photos

Meet little CAL, only 4 months old in February 2014, he was afraid of everyone and everything, hiding from an outstretched hand, not even taking the chance to come over for a cookie. CAL had no idea what a toy was or how to even begin to play. Now, ten months later, CAL is having a fabulous life, chasing every toy he can and loving his new BC buddies, Betty & Casey (another GHF alum). Step by step, the darkness and fear lifted and CAL is now a real Border Collie, just as it should have always been.

OWEN: Before and after photos

OWEN, 7 years old, is a big Border Collie with a lot of bravado, formerly living a life as the stud dog. He had to make sense of a survivor-oriented world for six long years. No humans were there to intervene. His was a dog world. OWEN's withdrawn eyes only masked a hidden heart, so aching for a soft touch from someone trusting. Seeing OWEN's conflict about people stirred us all to painful tears. This beautiful boy was so lost, boxed in a living hell, through no choice of his own. That one fateful night in January unleashed a new opportunity.

Slow steps with an extremely patient fosterer led OWEN to finally allow human affection. For many months, he kept his distance, finding comfort only in the other Border Collies, Shelby and Beebee, GHF alums. But his long hidden desire for a connection opened up a new world and the real OWEN finally surfaced. Loving life stretched on his couch, with his pals and FurMom, OWEN landed in the paradise he so richly deserved.

"This boy is on my bed every morning, rolling over on his back, licking my face, he is just SO happy. It took him a while to 'discover' furniture, but when he did, he adopted that big arm chair, so I covered it and it has been his ever since.

Every so often a dog comes along that you just share a deeper connection with and it just feels different. OWEN is one of those for me. He is an incredible soulful dog that touches my heart so deeply and continues to amaze me. He may have waited months to trust me but once he gave that trust and love it just continues to unfold and grow." - Patty B.

RIVER: Before and after photos

A tiny girl only 25 pounds, RIVER (formerly Dina) fled any human attempt to be near her. She had no need for touch or connection, except with the other dogs. RIVER's need to dart off as soon as anyone appeared, broke our hearts, so unlike the nature of any pup who had been loved.

So, many many months beyond that bitter night at Sprakers, and after help from a caring fosterer, RIVER found a big life. She joined two GHF alums, Rudy and Weller, even traveling on vacation to the Outer Banks!

"She continues to warm our spirits with her joy of running, her requests for belly rubs, and her tail wagging! She loves to run, run, run and is FAST! Her favorite spot is on our chair in the family room where you will always find both her and Rudy together. I am always amazed how a dog can show such love and trust after coming from such an awful place." - Nina & Mike M.

KEENAN: Before and after photos

Meet 2 year old KEENAN. This gorgeous boy was trapped in an awful destiny being bred for his 'rare' color. Reputable Border Collie breeders would never be this careless since the genetics of white dogs can lead to deafness and blindness in the litter. Thankfully, fate changed for KEENAN and his life is now very different. Gone is a life living outside 24/7, caged in an electrified pen. Keenan's life is now about love and affection. Still wary of anyone new, KEENAN is no longer alone and is learning to trust step by step.

TESS: Before and after photos

TESS at age 7 found a life so very different from her former living situation. It took many many months for her to trust all the new people surrounding her but with the patience and the loving guidance of her new FurMom, she turned the corner. TESS is now living the life every Border Collie deserves with herding games with her new BC buddies, hiking on trails and lots of mental stimulation. The terrified girl we found huddled out in the bitter cold wondering who was coming to get her is a distant cry from the happy smiling TESS we see today.

GWEN: Before and after photos

Meet GWEN - frozen in fear from the moment we met her on the dark, frigid night bringing her to safety. Feeling her panic was heart wrenching, knowing she was more feral dog than friend, so far from what she had been destined to be or want. She scurried to hide, paralyzed by the idea that a human hand would touch her. Only a year old, GWEN's destiny thankfully changed.

Today, almost a year later, GWEN trusts the good that is around her, all of which is designed for her happiness. The love of her new family is changing her, step by step.

"The whole experience can only happen from the heart. Gwen is really a little blue angel on a mission to heal herself and teach any human willing to pay attention the joy that comes from love, patience, and trust." - Cindy R.

Dogs still waiting for a furever home

There are still 7 dogs from the Sprakers confiscation waiting for a home.
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