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May the joys of the Season lead the way to a bright and prosperous New Year.
Merry Christmas from all of us at the Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation.

2016 C.S.R.A. Burn Rescuers Calendars are here!

Calendars are on sale for $12 or 2 for $20 in the Doctor's Hospital gift shop, in front of the cafeteria and at the SFBF Business Office.
By the Numbers: 
959:  Family members of burn patients who have stayed at the Chavis House January thru November of this year.
A Shout-Out and Big Thank You to Georgia Power and its employees for their generous donation. Seen above are Alicia Sweat and Susan Carter, Executive Director of Georgia Power.
The beauty of the Chavis House is one can come from visiting a loved one, and then be encouraged by others going through the same thing.  
  Richard DeHay
Chavis House guest
Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Chavis House.     
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December 2015  
Tis the season where everyone is focusing more on gifts and expressions of peace and joy to others, and it's no different for us at the Burn Foundation.  While visiting with our Chavis House guests, we are reminded each day that the gift of life is precious and can be taken from us at any minute.  We are grateful each day for the assistance of our donors and volunteers - those who share our mission to provide services for those most in need.  Wishing you and yours peace and joy throughout the holiday season.
- SFBF Staff

Heroes Honored    
Have you noticed that often when tragedy strikes, a silver lining can be found?  Sometimes it's in the people we encounter or the circumstances we face.   Recently we recognized a number of individuals who helped those in tragic situations.  They were honored at the 2015 Heroes Banquet, held at Julian Smith Casino, where guests enjoyed a barbecue meal, fun at the casino tables and great prizes at the end.
2015 Heroes Award:  Columbia County Fire & Rescue - Each year the Columbia County Fire & Rescue (CCFR) hosts our largest boot drive in Georgia, raising over $350,000 the past eight years. They are also the host site for our aluminum can collection trailers at five of their stations.  More importantly, CCFR works hard each day to the keep Columbia County residents safe.  That has never been more evident than on Tuesday, June 2, 2015.  During the early hours of the morning they received a call that there was a fire at a local retirement community where 80 elderly residents lived.  Over 75 fire department personnel responded to the scene, working swiftly to evacuate residents while battling multiple collapses, heavy smoke, and intense fire conditions. In unison with crews working inside, they conducted rescues from balconies and windows using Aerial Truck units outside.   Unfortunately, one 91-year-old resident perished in the fire.  However, hours later, Rushton Metzler, Chris Wahmen, James Frazier (who is also a Burn Foundation employee) and Chris Ganther would have quite a surprise.  As they searched the third floor they heard what they thought was a cat, but minutes later they heard a distinct cry for "help."  As they dug through the rubble, they uncovered 82-year-old Rhetta Cadle with not a scratch on her.  Hovering in her bathroom under the debris, Ms.Cadle simply said, "I'm glad to see y'all."  Later, she and her family referred to them as her "angels" and described the event as nothing short of a miracle.  In September, the Georgia State Firefighters Association awarded Columbia County Fire Rescue six (6) Life Saving Valor Awards. This award is presented to fire personnel who have performed a meritorious act that resulted in a life-saving event.   Congratulations Columbia County Fire & Rescue!

2015 Healthcare Heroes
Each year more than 2,500 patients arrive at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center needing care.  The Burn Foundation works closely in partnership with Doctors Hospital staff to see that not only are the patients' needs met - but family members are taken care of as well.  In 2014, 1,239 patients received assistance from the Burn Foundation and 1,085 family members stayed at the Chavis House. The Burn Center's social workers, case managers, and service coordinators work closely with the Burn Foundation staff to see that no one, who needs services, is overlooked or turned away.  They offer a listening ear, collect vital information, give directions, and talk with staff or community resources when a patient needs help.  For their compassionate, professional, and dedicated care to the patients and families we serve, these six were honored as the 2015 Healthcare Heroes:  Annette Allmond, Tom Dorn, Brigitte Flett, Sherry Videtto, Michael Wheeler and Faye Whitmire.

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