Based on feedback we received from you, this year we're focusing each newsletter on how to heal your Mind, Body and Spirit. We'll offer a new tip or tidbit with that topic in mind. Enjoy!
'Tis the season to detox, fa la la la la...
So, if you're like any one of the average Americans in the US, you've likely consumed 156 POUNDS OF ADDED SUGAR this year (and the holidays play a HUGE role)! Added sugar has been linked to poor memory, depression--
a host of unwanted conditions. Check out the blog and get going on your detox!
We found a yummy lettuce wrap recipe on the 21-day Sugar Detox website. We modified the meat from beef to ground chicken or turkey. Check it out. Great recipe for the family.
Hey nu partner in health.
You're different. You know it's up to YOU to take charge of your health. True healing at your core is not something that can be done TO YOU. You know that finding that delicate balance with your mind, body and spirit is when the optimum level of health can be realized. Which is where our event comes in, let's circle up! I have wanted to introduce each of you to each of you for so long! Each month we'll be coming up with an event that nourishes our spirit, challenges our mind and awakens the body. Look for it here! Events will be held at LEM Self-Care center. It's just across the street from nuHealth.
Seriously, have you tried this...?
Cheese eater or not, we are obsessed with this stuff!!! The ingredients are whole-food plant-based. It's amazing for grain free nachos, in a burrito bowl, or drizzled over broccolini. Major yum. There is a spicy version also.

We've seen it at Whole Foods. Check it out!
Reverse or prevent heart disease!
I'm a huge fan of Dr. Chong and I believe many could benefit from his affordable program. Join him February 10th and learn about proven drug-free therapies for heart attack prevention and plaque reversal!

Space is limited and this should fill up fast, so sign up today.