Titan City Museum (Old City Hall) - Landmark
Built soon after the fire of 1908 to house the government of the newly united Titan City, this Romanesque facility grew cramped over the next fifty years. It was replaced by a much larger building in 1960, and was itself converted into a museum shortly thereafter. The museum is dedicated to the history and art of Titan City, with an emphasis on the fire of 1908 and the city's heroes.
The structure consists of a tall clock tower at front and center and rises to 12 stories in height; the main structure is eight stories with a steep roof. The building is entirely brick; the color matches other Alexandrian buildings of the same era, as they were all likely built from the same clay.
The museum is constantly getting in new shows and displays ranging from artifacts of the Revolutionary War all the way up to modern superheroic showdowns. Director Francis Mills, a descendant of the museum's founder, is always on the lookout for new ways to display the city's rich collection of artifacts. It is even said that there is a hidden vault somewhere in the facility housing the most valuable, and some say powerful, items of the museum. 
The Evolution of Titan City Museum (Old City Hall)

Titan City Museum was one of the first building concepts for Titan City and it was developed in several iterations before it was decided it had the right look. Below are some of the early renditions of Titan City Museum:

The early artwork for Titan City Museum was considered too modern for the lore of the building, and later renditions included more of the 1908 Romanesque building style described in the lore. The newer version stands in contrast to the modern New City Hall, and the old building sits in the shadow of the much larger, newer center of government.
The upper area of Titan City Museum's Romanesque tower overlooks a patio for meeting and gathering.
The sides of the Titan City Museum are standing ruins that remain from the wings of the original historic building that were destroyed during a disaster decades ago. These ruins remain at the sides of the building as a memorial for the survivors of the disaster and the entire city to remember.
'Old City Hall' will play an important role as a museum that tells the history of Titan City and will help give context for many missions and lore throughout the game.