Titan City Symphony Hall - Landmark
This large symphony and orchestra hall is one of the more tasteful buildings of Old Bradford, its neoclassical design giving it a dignified and stately appearance. Serves as a major location for theatrical-themed plot lines, such as missing or corrupt actors, impulsive fans, and a place to find wealthy elite.
The Symphony Hall was constructed in the height of the ‘Roaring 20’s’, when jazz was king. The project was sponsored by several of the city’s wealthiest shipping moguls, eager to show off their wealth. One of these was Luigi Vernacio, the founding boss of the Black Rose. Other than some skimming off of the construction contracts the Hall did not figure into his ‘business’ plans in any major way - even mob bosses can appreciate music for it’s own sake - but he did arrange for clandestine routes in and out of the building to be part of the original construction.
The upper deck of the Symphony Hall is the site of a famous restaurant, the Coterie, which was frequented by the Black Rose since its inception in the 1920's, and continues to be a favorite for underground meetings of the Black Rose up to this day.
Ownership and operation of the building changed many times over the decades- the Black Rose lost nearly all interest in it after Oak Moth’s crusade against Luigi in the 30’s. During WWII many of the performances there were for the purposes of selling War Bonds, and stories are told of how one of that era’s ‘mystery men’ foiled a plot by Nazi agents to burn down the building while several high-ranking military officials were attending one such show.

The next Black Rose leader, Giovanni Rossi, had less of a musical interest than his predecessor, but his wife Lorenza was very fond of attending performances, so he made regular appearances and ‘invested’ in the facility- primarily to ensure that the staff could be trusted.
Today, "Lucky Lou" Sellecca makes some use of the Hall’s activities as part of his money-laundering operations- primarily in the form of favored, overpriced contracts to mob-connected service providers. While some deal making is done in the restaurant, the Black Rose primarily uses the Hall for the same reasons as anyone else- entertainment, and a demonstration of their commitment to the arts and culture of the city.
For a look at the fountains in front of Titan City Symphony Hall, check out video HERE.