Titan City Water Department
While not a city landmark or mogul, the Titan City Water Department is a building complex of interest in the Pharos neighborhood.
The Titan City Water Department provides the distribution system for Titan City's residential drinking water.
The intake pumps flush water through the purification system, filtering and treating the water before it reaches city residents, with flocking and settlement pools pictured above.
The pumps and pools here are not to be confused with Titan City's sewer and wastewater treatment facility located in another part of town.
In the early development of Titan City, the founders took great pride in the development of their water system along with other municipal accomplishments. Pictured above is the water temple built as the first drop of water poured into the city. It's a location often used for weddings and events.
Water Department Inspirations

Below are some photos of American public water facilities that inspired the development of Titan City Water Department
Weymouth water treatment plant in Southern California pictured above.
Pulgas Water Temple in Northern California is the site where San Francisco's Hetch Hetchy Water System delivers water into San Francisco's water delivery system.