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July 2011  

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- the impact of investing in leadership training

by Lauren Albee, Titan Intern  


I recently chatted with Debbie Allan, Human Resources Director at Virginia College Savings Plan, an independent state agency, to talk about their compensation analysis needs. Allan leads the overall talent management efforts at Virginia College Savings Plan, focusing on staff development, performance, hiring, and employee training.


Virginia College Savings Plan offers Virginia citizens the opportunity to invest in their children's futures by planning ahead for a college education. They entered a relationship with Titan to perform an agency-wide analysis of their compensation practices, which included FLSA analysis, market-rate compensation analysis and a recommendation for supporting policies and procedures. "At the time we did not yet have an HR department or a formal compensation plan with defined pay practices, so the knowledge and experience that the Titan team brought was invaluable," said Allan. "Titan helped with an overall review of compensation, and created a comparative market so that we can compete with private companies."


Virginia College Savings Plan needed a comprehensive compensation plan and did not have the in-house expertise. Titan developed what is now the foundation of their compensation plan, including the data needed to make consistent compensation decisions.  Furthermore, Virginia College Savings Plan relies on the Titan Group on an ongoing basis to perform compensation analysis for new or changed positions. This ensures that they are using consistent and reliable data when making compensation decisions.


More to the point, Allan stated, "The Titan Group is a great partner for us. We are a small agency, and Titan has helped us augment our staff so that we don't have to hire more people. They have definitely enabled us to meet our needs as an agency."


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Beginning September 14, 2011


Why do companies send their managers to a leadership development program like TMU?  A recent class explored the concept of personal values -- what does that have to do with the workplace? "A lot," says Derrick Strand. "If your personal values are in alignment with the organization's values, you will be more engaged in all aspects of your work.  This alignment means you are doing meaningful work that's important to you and this will carry over into how effectively you manage and lead people. "    

"Titan Says. . ."

 Lee and Gen, Dec. 2010

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This month's question: 
What are some things that managers or employers can do to retain employees in the millennial generation? What can they do to make a job or company more attractive?

Answer:  The Millennials (born from 1982-2003), also known as Generation Y, will be the largest percentage of the workforce within the next ten years, and they are the fastest growing segment of our workforce. Here are a few suggestions to engage and retain the Millennials:  

  • Provide feedback. Often (daily is best; weekly is okay).
  • Respect them and ask for their input; they want to feel that they can contribute.
  • Let them work in teams (this can be a great way to work with other generations), and let them have fun.

If you're interested in looking into ways to retain employees in the millennial generation, please visit the Titan Group blog and read the advice given by Jeff Smith and Lauren Albee.   


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September 21, 2011

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Titan Group can help you:

  • shore up HR policies
  • create training programs
  • develop managers
  • implement employee evaluation protocols
  • fill-in for an absent HR manager
  • establish HR compliance policies
  • evaluate compensation programs
  • improve processes
  • coach your leaders   


"Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody's going to know whether you did it or not."  


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