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September 2011  

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What Should We Do with HR?

       By Mandy Faber,

                                              Services Coordinator



Mandy Faber recently spoke with Laura Terry, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at UVA Darden School Foundation about the Foundations need to figure out how to staff their HR department for the future.


The Foundation manages endowment funds for the benefit of the Darden School, operates the School's top-ranked executive education program and promotes philanthropic support from alumni, friends, and corporations.


Laura saw the need to upgrade the Foundation's HR structure in order to meet the long-term needs of the organization and turned to Titan to perform a Strategic HR Assessment. "Although we knew that our managers and employees could better perform their roles if they had more centralized HR support . . . we felt an important first step was obtaining expert advice in detailing what kind of support we needed."


After an in-depth data gathering phase, Titan developed a detailed plan of action. Titan reccomended key areas to focus on and how to organize and staff the HR function. Titan created job descriptions and a graphic depiction of the suggested organization structure of the department based on industry ratios and best practice research.


Laura believes that "performing a Strategic HR Assessment is useful if an organization knows that it needs to do something more with its Human Resources, but  doesn't know exactly how to go about it." She found the assessment useful in educating senior management about the need to invest in the HR of the Foundation to meet the goals and needs of the organization.


Titan is also recruiting HR talent to help Darden School Foundation fill their new HR Director role.

Titan is proud to announce . . .
HR Talent Solutions 
In today's challenging economic environment, companies are getting creative and looking to hire human resources talent in non-traditional ways. Titan group recognizes that employers may have the expertise to source and select new talent, but also that they may not currently have the capacity to take the time to find the right candidate. By leveraging our team of experts, our HR contacts, and using our networking style to reach the right people, we can more quickly access top talent that you simply would not find with traditional methods. Titan offers several types of talent solutions to fit every need.

Whether you need HR talent for 2 weeks or for 20 years, Titan can help you find it.

"Titan Says. . ."

 Lee and Gen, Dec. 2010

Appreciating differences in the workplace . . . .

You have heard the phrase before, "pick your battles wisely" and it is just as true in the workplace.  You probably know employees who think their opinion is the only one that counts and fight tooth and nail to get everyone to go their way.  This kind of employee is doomed to fail and will rarely succeed.   The issue is that a workplace is full of diverse people with varying backgrounds, skill and experiences. We all bring with us a different paradigm from which we view the world.   That's what is so great about a workplace community - our differences.  Learning how to respect and value those differences and learning the art of compromise is what separates great employees from others.



Please visit the Titan Group blog to read more great information regarding conflict in the workplace and check our other blogs with plenty of helpful information!
New Faces at Titan

 Titan is excited to announce Amy Morelock as

Director of HR Talent Solutions,
helping clients find the perfect candidate for any HR job.
Amy Morelock

 and also


Mandy Faber as
Client-Services Coordinator,
helping serve our clients behind the scenes.
Mandy Faber

Titan Group can help you:

  • shore up HR policies
  • create training programs
  • develop managers
  • implement employee evaluation protocols
  • fill-in for an absent HR manager
  • place a full-time Director of HR
  • develop compensation programs
  • improve processes
  • coach your leaders   
  • assess skills of candidates and employees


"Talent wins games, but teamwork and

intelligence wins championships."


Michael Jordan


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