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We can't all be the business owner, or the VP, or the Director, but we can each behave in accordance with our own values set, and perform work and foster relationships aligned with these values. Using our own personal influence, we can work to align the team's values and our own.

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Titan Visits to the White House
White House Visit

Lee Weisiger recently joined 23 other executives and CEO's from Virginia to attend a briefing with White House staff members in conjunction with The Office of Public Engagement.

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Titan Management and Leadership Classes

Hour Glass

Time is running out!

Titan Management University 

begins February 8, 2012.

Titan Leadership Institute 

begins March 1, 2012.


Contact Nancy@titanhr.com to register.




What's the Value of Developing "Soft Skills" in the Workplace?
People Skills

When you hear the term "soft skills", it often conjures up the image of something squishy or touchy-feely, but what the heck does it really refer to? I liken it to the oil and gas that keeps a car running smoothly. Sure you can build a fast car with a huge horse powered engine and it can run for a while on might, but when the gas or oil run low, then the performance suffers.


Constraints Can Actually Enhance Creativity

Creativity for creativity's sake is nice but it doesn't always generate strategic results. By providing a solution framework upfront as to the limits and boundaries before engaging in the creative process, it will force people to dig deeper, come up with more creative solutions and these solutions will be actionable since the solution framework was provided upfront.

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Spreading Holiday Cheer

This year, Titan Group helped give three little girls a holiday to remember through the Neighbors Helping Neighbors program, sponsored by the Shady Grove YMCA. For Christmas, 2011, the program delivered gifts to over 428 children in the Richmond area - a new record!

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Coming Soon - 2012 Richmond Compensation Survey

Landscape Skyline 

The Titan Group LLC is conducting its 10th annual compensation survey of Greater Richmond area jobs. Don't miss out on getting the most recent compensation data from local employers.

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         Richmond SHRM Meeting
         Willow Oaks Country Club - 7:15am
         Greater Richmond Survey Begins
                                          Business After Hours
                                          Richmond International Raceway - 5:30pm

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