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Hello Grace Family!

If your child comes home and challenges you to a bottle of cup flipping challenge, you can blame Mr. Lemke - he was in charge of the Titan Tribe activity for today :). We had the Flip Cup Championships! The winning Tribe will be announced on Monday!

We are coming up on a pretty busy month, so stay tuned for communications about all the different events and activities. Here are some of the highlights:

  • B-Team Tournaments are at ML on Saturday
  • 100 Days - several of the lower grades will be celebrating this milestone in the school year next week.
  • Spirit Week - we will have dress-up days and Penny Wars to raise money for our mission project - Feb. 6-10
  • Valentines Day - several classrooms will have parties to celebrate the day
  • Sledding Titan Tribe Activity - February 17


  • When you are using the drive-thru method to pick-up your child and are parked waiting for them to come out: once they come out please loop around the join the end of the line rather than merging in front of those who are already waiting in line (even if you see a gap).
  • Also, if you are in line, please pull forward as far as you can so that we can load as many cars as possible and keep the line moving.
  • Exercising these two common courtesies along with an extra measure of patience will go a long way in helping everyone have a better pick-up experience.
  • Please pass this information along to any other individuals who may be picking up for you.

Please read through the rest of the Titan Times for more upcoming events/activities. 

I look forward to partnering with you for your child's education this week!


Mr. Beilke

Meditation for the Week
Thought of the Week

Sunday, January 29

Sunday Worship Service - 8:00 and 10:30 am

Sunday School and Bible Study 9:30 am

Girls' MS BB practice 1:00 - 2:30 pm

Monday, January 30

JA Chicken Tenders

Girls' C team BB home game vs LMC at 4:30 pm

Girls B team BB home game vs LMC at 5:30 pm

Boys' C team BB home game vs LMC at 6:30 pm

Boys' B team BB home game vs LMC at 7:30 pm

Girls' MS 7th gr. BB game at Eau Claire at 4:00 pm

Tuesday, January 31

**Bring your own lunch today

Silver Beach Pizza Give Back Night

Boys' B/C BB practice 3:30 - 4:30 pm

Girls' B/C BB practice 4:30 - 5:30 pm

Girls' MS Practice: 7th Only 5:30-7 pm

Wednesday, February 01


Girls' B/C BB practice 3:30 - 5:00 pm

Girls' MS Practice: 5:00-6:30 pm

Thursday, February 02

JA Cheese Sticks

Boys' B/C BB practice 3:30 - 5:00 pm

Girls' MS 8th gr. BB away game @ Buchanan MS at 5:30pm

Girls' MS 7th gr. BB away game @ Buchanan MS at 6:30pm

Friday, February 03


Saturday, February 04

Open Tournament at St. Joseph HS- Girls' BB middle School Time TBA

Men's Saturday Morning Basketball - 7:00 - 8:30 am

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Michigan State Volleyball Clinic at St. Joe HS

St. Joe High School is hosting the Men's Volleyball teams from Michigan State and Notre Dame for a match in the Bear Den. Before the match, Michigan State will host a Volleyball Clinic. See the link below for details

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ML News and Notes

"Under One Roof" MLHS Gala Celebration - Please join the MLHS family in giving thanks for the ministry of Michigan Lutheran High School. You're invited to attend the inaugural gala event to celebrate over 50 years of Christian education and to benefit the new roof fund. For event information and to purchase tickets or sponsorships, please see

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