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Why You Can't Fight Every Battle at Work

You have heard the phrase before, "pick your battles wisely" and it is just as true in the workplace.  Learning how to respect and value those differences and learning the art of compromise is what separates great employees from others.  Employees need to really evaluate the situation and determine whether the issue is worthy of the battle.  Click here to read more.


Executive Compensation: The Importance of "Peerage?"

 Business People

We have often noted that the selection of a peer group is the critical first step for purposes of assessing competitive compensation for executives.  We also emphasize that peer data is informative but not necessarily determinative in setting executive compensation.  An article in the Washington Post, raises important (and awkward) questions about the use of peer analysis.  Click here to read more. 

ESOP Alert: Halloween Leftovers
As world markets are roiled by a Euro-reality show (Greece is about the size of Alabama with an economy that is less than that of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area), Bob Musick has been looking at several issues, including the "typical" contribution rate to an ESOP and the prevalence of equity grants to executives. Along those lines, here are two interesting items about ESOPs here at home. Click here to read more.
What It Takes to Be Named HR Strategist of the Year
Genevieve Roberts recently had the pleasure of speaking with Deborah Slayden, Director of Workforce Development Strategy with VCU Health System regarding her incredible journey to be selected as the 2011 Human Resources Strategist of the Year by the Titan Group and Richmond Society of Human Resources Management. "For me this is like winning a lifetime Click here to read more.
Understanding the Change Curve When Leading Change

Leading people through change is difficult. Understanding the Change Curve will help you understand the emotional components of change and what you need to focus on to help employees through the change so they can be more productive with improved morale. Click here to view Derrick's video blog.




Pay Freeze or Pay Increases?

Pay Freeze

We recently conducted our brief annual survey of central Virginia companies to get a pulse on what companies are doing with pay increases and other pay practices.  Overall, most companies provided pay increases to employees in 2011 and expect to in 2012.  Click here to read more.

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