Greetings from down under the covers! Some days that is under the cover of a book and other days it can be from under the cover of a quilt.  Quite frankly authors and books are my heroes at the moment. I miss spending time at the shop and interacting with our fabulous customers. I would like to share a few of my favorite reads of the last 6 months.

I started out in a reading frenzy and absolutely loved three titles right out of the gate. These 5 star earners were : “The Mountains Sing” by Nguyen Phantom Que Mai, “Greenwood” by Michael Christie and “Migrations” by Charlotte McConaghy. (Don’t miss the virtual event with the author on 10/6). These three masterpieces set the bar really high for reading during the time of Covid.

On the recommendation from one of our customers I read Alan Eskens’ latest, “Nothing More Dangerous” and absolutely loved this coming of age story. I venture to say that if you liked “ This Tender Land” you will love this one too! For something on the somewhat lighter side I recommend Beatriz Williams’ latest, “Her Last Flight”. I found this adventure story reminiscent of “Circling the Sun”, a shop favorite from a few years ago.

I would also like to give a shout out to and audio books. Audio books are perfect while puzzling or walking. I loved listening to The Orphan Collector and The Book of Lost NamesMexican Gothic is perfect for someone who might want a bit of a spooky novel this season.