MEMSPA Title II Funding Alert

The Michigan Department of Education is funding a Title II, Part A,  Teacher and Leader Instruction Competitive Grants Program. This is a significant opportunity for principals to receive quality professional development at a no expense to the school district. The MDE held a webinar yesterday on the Title II, Part A, Teacher and Leader Instruction Support Competitive Grant Program. You can view the recording at: The MDE also plans to make the recording available on the  MDE YouTube page, as well as the  Title IIA Grant landing page. You can also view the  PowerPoint and a  Q&A document that MDE provided after the webinar. The grant application window ends at 11:59 p.m. on Aug. 10.
Under this grant MEMSPA is an MDE approved provider for 2 quality Leadership programs including the MEMSPA/NAESP National Mentor Training program and The Learning Leadership Compass program. 
Our mentor training program is considered one of best in the U.S., and provides training for participants to become nationally certified mentors. The 2 day face-to-face along with workplace embedded practice will provide content knowledge, practice and skill to become an effective principal mentor.

The year long principal mentor program is designed to provide mentor and coaching support for early career principals in their first 3 years of practice. The face-to-face as well as regular coaching call sessions will provide an opportunity for the principal to become more skilled, confident and effective in his/her daily leadership of their building.  

  The MEMSPA Leadership Learning Compass   provides opportunities for educators to find their “true north in learning leadership” as they engage in customized, deeply collaborative, professional blended learning modules (both face-to-face and online) with other regional leaders regarding educational possibilities-of-practice and student learning “problem-a-tunities”!  

The Learning Leadership Compass is a professional learning experience for learning leaders, both teachers and administrators, who want to individually and collaboratively grow their leadership will and skills in support of student learning.

The Learning Leadership Compass focuses on supporting and immersing teacher leaders, instructional coaches and administrators in high-leverage learning structures that focus on the accelerating teaching and learning through

  • Teaching Clarity
  • Culturally Responsive Learning Environments
  • Classroom Management for Empowering Students
  • Student Intellectual Engagement
  • Successful Learning using Feedback and Formative Assessment
  • Purposeful Professionalism
If you would like more information please contact the MEMSPA office at 517-694-8955 or me directly at 517-898-1611.

Thanks and have a great week.


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Executive Director 
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