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Title Insurance Industry & Technology News 04/18/18
Compliments of Marianne Mathieu
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Industry News
For loan officers who want steady business in 2018, it’s time to embrace cash-out refinances
REwired - Lenders hoping to boost their refi business this year need to change the way they sell

Webinar: How They Are Closing Loans from Facebook Ads …
National Mortgage Professional Magazine - We know there is a lot of noise in our industry right now about digital lending and that you are inundated with the latest short-term “hack” for social media and Facebook ads.

How Phoenix's Real Estate Market Is Faring 10 Years After Housing Crisis
NPR - Phoenix was among the cities hit hardest by the mortgage and foreclosure crisis. Ten years later, the city and its real estate market have rebounded, but no one has forgotten.

How insurance is adapting for the modern age
City & State New York - From virtual currency to distracted driving, we speak to key NY officials about how the industry is pushing forward.

Setting the Record Straight on Digital Mortgages
M Report - Now we’re living in a world of digital mortgage. We’ve seen many new and small software companies pop up, driving hard to attract lenders with slick marketing speak and often low price points for what is sometimes immature, unproven technology.  

How RERA protects homebuyers' rights by mandating title insurance, and what you need to know about it
Money Control - In India, title Insurance is designed as a safeguard tool towards the financial interest of real estate owners, investors, lenders against property issues.

An abundance of equity is giving homeowners lots of options
The Washington Post - Americans are awash in record amounts of equity in their homes, posing the question for millions: So what do we do with it? Leave it for a rainy day or retirement? Tap into it to remodel the house? Make a down payment on a vacation condo?

NS3 Preview: Underwriters, lenders, regulators take the stage
Dodd Frank Update - The National Settlement Services Summit (NS3) comes home to the Midwest for the 14th year of the annual conference that brings all parties of the real estate transaction together in one place. The conference is slated for June 6-8 in Detroit at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center.

One Easy Step to Give Better Service to Your Lenders
American Land Title Association - Mortgage lenders want more information about the companies they do business with and need to ensure their risk management procedures are being met. You can give them more confidence in working with your company by confirming your company in the national ALTA Registry.

Regions Bank invests in Kevin Costner-backed mortgage startup Lender Price
Housing Wire - In most cases, when a fintech startup announces that a new investor has provided the company with funding, the investor is an equity firm or some other private investor.

Up In Smoke: Budding Legality of Pot Poses Challenges to Title and Escrow Industry
ALTA (American Land Title Association) - Because marijuana is illegal under federal law, the title industry faces several challenges and significant risk when handling transactions involving marijuana money.

Legal News
DFS motion to dismiss Regulation 208 lawsuit filed by and on behalf of NY Title Closers denied
Supreme Court of the State of New York:
Janet Sheinkin vs. Maria T. Vullo

Nevada Supreme Court Affirms that Arbitration Agreements in CC&Rs are Binding and Enforceable
JD Supra - In a win for residential developers seeking an alternative forum to resolve construction-defect claims, the Nevada Supreme Court rules that arbitration agreements in CC&Rs are enforceable.

Illinois Regulator Delays Implementation of New Financial Interest Disclosure
ALTA (American Land Title Association) - Due to efforts by the Illinois Land Title Association (ILTA), the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) agreed to delay implementation of a new disclosure of financial interest form.

How Your Real Estate Transaction Is Like an Orchestra (And Why You Need A Conductor)
JD Supra - Just as each instrument in an orchestra has a role, each of the parties and attorneys involved in a commercial real estate transaction has a role. 

Nebraska Amends Provisions Regarding Security Instruments
JD Supra - Nebraska recently enacted legislation clarifying the requirements for a lender to release its lien upon the satisfaction of the obligation secured thereby and receipt of a written request for release, and the consequences for failing to do so. The provisions take effect on July 1, 2018.

Indiana Modifies Tax Sale Notice Requirements and High Cost Home Loan Limits
JD Supra - Indiana recently amended certain provisions of its state statutes and regulations relating to the state’s real property tax sale notice requirements and dollar amount threshold for high cost loans. These changes are effective July 1, 2018.

NJ creates “state-level CFPB”
JD Supra - The New Jersey Attorney General recently announced that the state’s governor will nominate Paul R. Rodriguez to serve as the Director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, the state’s lead agency charged with protecting consumers’ rights, regulating the securities industry, and overseeing 47 professional boards.

Tech / Social Media
Can Hybrid e-Closing Technology Really Help Lenders?
M Report - There’s been a lot of conversation in our industry recently about how fully digital mortgage shouldn’t be watered down or somehow devalued by hybrid technologies. The fact is, with the right hybrid solution a lender can indeed have the best of both worlds...

7 Ways to Handle Negative Real Estate Reviews on Social Media
Realty Biz - It is often said that he who shouts the loudest gets heard. When you receive a negative review on social media, it can have a profound effect on your audience and your business. After all, 85% of consumers trust an online review as much as they do a personal reference.

How CertifID is solving one of the title industry's biggest problems
Prop Logix - Cybersecurity and wire fraud are constantly making headlines in real estate and title industry news outlets. We hear of the buy-side scams often, a nice couple losing their nest egg in a cash-to-close transaction because they were given fake wire instructions. 

Can blockchain solve land record problems?
LiveMint - It has been more than a decade since the ambitious project to digitize land records across the country, called Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme or DILRMP, was launched.

Title Agency & People in the News
Business Spotlight of the Week: Cole Title Company
North Texas e-News - The Bonham Area Chamber of Commerce is highlighting Cole Title Company this week as one of our longtime business members. Having started on the square in 1895 with the name Fannin County Abstract Co, the company moved to its 709 N. Center location in 1995 and currently has twelve employees.

Title Agents Go Nationwide
For agents interested in growing their businesses by expanding into multiple states, we’re here to make the process simple and profitable. We offer you one point of contact to streamline your options and solutions.

In Other News
Signing Off on Signing Credit Card Receipts
The New York Times - The next time you sign a credit card receipt, savor it. While it may take time for the news to filter down to retailers, Visa, American Express, Discover and Mastercard have said that as of this month, they will no longer require customers to sign their names when paying with a credit card.

Cities 101: Are Bodega Cats Actually Legal?
Untapped Cities - If you’ve frequented enough New York City delis or bodegas, then you’ve most likely come across a resident cat or two, either roaming the shop’s aisles or tucked away and sleeping in a corner.

A Trip Through New York City in 1911
Neatorama - Once you get over how strangely natural this glimpse of New York City from 100 years ago is, you start to notice how differently public space was used at the time. This was before roads were designated for cars, and were used by pedestrians, horses, and vendors as well as motorized vehicles.

The ‘Six O’Clock Swill’ Was an Hour of Drunken Anarchy
Atlas Obscura - How Australia and New Zealand’s restrictive alcohol laws fostered a culture of binge drinking.

Mangalica - Gastro Obscura
Atlas Obscura - Looking like a pig crossed with a sheep, the Hungarian mangalica is a unique breed. Only two decades ago, the world’s last woolly pig was on the verge of extinction.

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