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Title Insurance Industry & Technology News 05/02/18
Compliments of Marianne Mathieu
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Industry News
Bank regulators issue guidance on cyber insurance
JD Supra - Federal bank regulators issued a statement on April 10 alerting banks of risk management issues regarding cyber insurance coverage.

What Could Go Wrong? The Importance of Business Succession Planning
JD Supra - Most business owners expect that their company will continue to operate after they stop working. However, successfully transitioning control of a business rarely occurs without thoughtful planning. 

How’s the Market? Cannabis and title insurance
Daily Journal Lifestyle - As state and federal law enforcement agencies try to figure out how best to deal with conflicting cannabis statutes, it can be difficult for some industries to figure out how to position themselves. This should not be the case for title insurance companies ...

Mortgage, title insurers must file disaster plans with New York
National Mortgage News - Mortgage and title insurance companies licensed in New York need to file disaster response plans this year in line with increased state attention to business continuity planning.

Legal News
PA Court Allows Adverse Possession Claim Against Municipality
JD Supra - The PA Commonwealth Court recently held that a claim of adverse possession could be brought against a municipality when the municipality’s only use of the property during the statutory period was to hold the property for possible future sale. 

Real Property, Financial Services, & Title Insurance Update: Weeks Ending April 6 & 13, 2018
JD Supra
Real Property Update:
Lis Pendens
Foreclosure / Assessments
Pleadings / Amendment
Attorney's Fees
Due Process / Notice
Foreclosure / Condition Precedent
Financial Services Update:
Section 1692e
Title Insurance Update:
Marketability of Title / Defect in Title

CFPB Amends “Know Before You Owe” Rule
MReport - The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has finalized an amendment to its Know Before You Owe mortgage disclosure rule. In a statement on Thursday, the Bureau said that the new amendment addresses when mortgage lenders with a valid justification could pass on increased closing costs to consumers and disclose them on a Closing Disclosure.

Some Markham homeowners paying double due to hidden property taxes
ABC 7 Eyewitness News - Three families in the same Markham neighborhood said they can barely keep up with property tax payments after learning of a hidden tax that doubled their bills.

Tech / Social Media
Tech Disruption in Title Insurance Is A New Frontier -- Or Is It?
Forbes - Blockchain, cryptocurrency and digitized records are the ubiquitous terms being used to discuss the future of the largest asset class in the world. The supposed experts are calling for a major disruption in both the land records and title insurance space, citing the fact that the real estate industry has not seen changes in forever.

Can Hybrid e-Closing Technology Really Help Lenders?
MReport - There’s been a lot of conversation in our industry recently about how fully digital mortgage shouldn’t be watered down or somehow devalued by hybrid technologies. 

How to Use Google+ for Real Estate Marketing
Realty Biz - As a tool for helping market your real estate business, social media is one of the strongest tools there is. However, when most people think “social media”, their thoughts turn to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, ignoring the potential of Google+...

How to Protect Your Business from a Social Phishing Scam
Social Media Examiner - Are you ready to respond if someone pretends to be you on social media?

Title Agency & People in the News
Chuck Bowman, President, Monarch Title Company
Columbia Business Times - "One of the most time intensive but rewarding projects I led was to get Monarch Title certified in Title Insurance Best Practices, a standard set by the American Land Title Association."

The Real Estate Disruptor
The Philadelphia Citizen - Mike Maher’s Houwzer takes on D.C. and practices philanthropy before profitability. “In order to be a disruptor, you have to do three things,” Maher says. “You have to be cheaper; you have to be faster; and you have to be better.” Houwzer is each of these, but the way it does it is far more complicated than the average consumer might think ...

Title Agents Go Nationwide
For agents interested in growing their businesses by expanding into multiple states, we’re here to make the process simple and profitable. We offer you one point of contact to streamline your options and solutions.

In Other News
Oh My! Check Out These Terrible Real Estate Photos!
Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos -

"That’s one way to drown out the noise."
Check out these photos!

The Swimming Pool Hiding in the Middle of the Desert
Now That I Know That's Half the Battle - Around it is a lot of sand — lots of sand — and maybe a lizard or hare. There are no roads nearby, no showers or bathrooms, and … and, well, nothing else, really.

Dutch Airline Hires Adorable Dog to Reunite Passengers with Lost Items
YouTube - Dutch airline KLM recruited an adorable beagle named Sherlock to help its lost and found team at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam to help reunite passengers with lost items such as smartphones.  

Scenes Unseen: The Summer of ’78
The New York Times - Long-forgotten pictures capture escape and discovery in the city’s parks.

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