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Sanctions / Dismissal: trial court abused discretion in dismissing bank’s foreclosure action; record established bank complied with discovery orders on which the motion for dismissal/sanctions was based – The Bank of N.Y. Mellon, as Trustee v. Johnson, No. 1D18-3656 (Fla. 1st DCA May 13, 2019) (reversing dismissal)

How the US can stop real estate money laundering
Thanks to a loophole in the PATRIOT act, which forces banks to do considerable due diligence on any client but was never extended to the real estate sector, any ne’er-do-well can set up a shell company to buy properties in cash without ever revealing their identity.

An Expert Analysis Of The SAFE Banking Act - Finance and Banking - United States
On March 28, the House Financial Services Committee approved H.R. 1595, a bill designed to create protections for banks and insurers providing financial ...

The future of real estate: A consumer model
A select group of influential real estate professionals gathered in April in the desert of Palm Springs for the 2019 edition of Inman Disconnect. They wrestled with the pressing real estate issues of the day.

Property Owners Owe Duty of Care to Neighbors Even When Use Is Not Inherently or Unreasonably Dangerous
The Maryland Court of Special Appeals recently held in a reported opinion that a property owner owes a duty of care to the owners and occupants of neighboring properties to use and maintain that property in a reasonably safe manner so as to avoid harm to neighboring properties.

Developers Built a 30-Story High-Rise. They Might Have to Chop Off 5 Floors. (contributed by Bill Collins, Frontier Abstract)
The Manhattan borough president asked prosecutors to investigate the condo tower, which she said was taller and larger than allowed.

Property Tax and Valuation Topics - Spring 2019
A sort of a humdrum ruling on the assessment appeal of a garden variety industrial building nevertheless offers a valuable insight as to proper use of the income valuation methodology.

Bill Roark: Commercial transactions unique | Columns
In the last article I started a series on the language of Commercial real estate. Commercial brokers are often the target of attorneys if they are approached by a client who determines they have been ill-advised or not explained their rights in a commercial transaction.

Florida Agency Opens Probe Of Bannon-Backed ‘We Build The Wall’
A public record request just revealed that the charity started by a Florida man who raised more than $22 million on GoFundMe to build a private border wall just fell under potentially criminal investigation by a state consumer protection regulator.

Technology v the law: The future of E-signatures in Real Estate
Technology is rapidly changing the way in which business is done. Consumers are growing used to an on demand service – whether that is in relation to their banking, shopping or leisure time. 

Attorney Brian Stark Makes Real Estate Transactions Happen
Brian Stark could tell you a lot of horror stories. Not the spooky ghost tales you'd relish around a campfire over s'mores, but the sort of stomach-churning stories that might run through a first-time home buyer's head around 4 a.m. a few weeks before closing.

Title Agents Go Nationwide
For agents interested in growing their businesses by expanding into multiple states, we’re here to make the process simple and profitable. We offer you one point of contact to streamline your options and solutions.

The Parisian Fraudster With Complicated Tales of Imaginary Millionaires
Everyone loves the story of a good grift, from brilliant ruse to inevitable downfall. This week, we’re ushering in the spring of the swindle by highlighting the stories of the greatest con women in history. Previously, we heard about Barbara Erni and her very special trunk and Madame Rachel's dangerous cosmetics.

Another argument for the federal registration of LLC principals (contributed by Bill Collins, Frontier Abstract)
New York City has launched what it’s calling “Operation Meltdown” in an attempt to crack down on rampant financial gamesmanship among the ice cream truck vendors that roam the city and avoid paying millions of dollars in parking tickets. 

9 Weird, Wacky Real Estate Laws In the US
Did you know there’s a law in Arizona that says no man or woman over the age of 18 can show more than one missing tooth when smiling?

Need Inspiration? This Former Slave Became A Real Estate Mogul And Left The World A Better Place.
At her death in 1891, Biddy Mason’s wealth was approximately $300,000 or about $7,000,000 in today’s dollars. More impressively, the land she owned in downtown Los Angeles is now worth hundreds of millions. 

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