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As U.S. watchdog retreats, mortgage firms reprise cozy marketing arrangements
U.S. mortgage firms are getting back into joint marketing and advertising arrangements, reviving a controversial practice that was effectively banned in the aftermath of the 2007-2008 subprime mortgage crisis.

How Fair Housing can affect your association
The consequences of discrimination can be harsh. Therefore, it is very important for an association to be able to identify and understand ways they might discriminate, and to take the necessary steps to prevent such claims from happening.

The FCC's New Scam Glossary Will Help You Identify Fraudulent Calls
For the unwanted calls that sneak past your phone's defenses, the FCC published a  scam glossary  on its website that lists some of the most common (as well as some uncommon) strategies used by criminals.

‘We’ve got to let the past go’: Catawba Indian Nation Chief talks about the future
  “Because of the land claim we filed, landowners were unable to obtain clear title insurance for property.” Some of that tension still exists, Harris said .

Elizabeth Warren Announces Plans to Help Heirs’ Property Owners
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren  released  farm policy plans this month that intend to address discrimination against farmers of color and protect heirs’ property ownership. [Contributed by Bill Collins, Frontier Abstract]

When a Transit Agency Becomes a Suburban Developer
Like many towns across America, Harrison, New York is desperate to revitalize its downtown. The same old grocery stores and nail salons have made up most of the retail landscape for years. 

Joffrey Long, Hard Money Lending Expert Witness, Poses Questions About Foreclosures and Trustees Sales
Test Your Knowledge: 10 "Normal Questions" and 9 Difficult Ones

And now, Joffrey Long, Hard Money Expert Witness, Answers Questions From Yesterday’s Article - Foreclosures and Trustees Sales
If you answered 40% of these foreclosure questions correctly, you’re ahead of most of the people in our industry. 

Power Play — How Utilities Can Lay Claim to Private Front Lawns
A Pound Ridge resident was told utility company NYSEG would be claiming a small part of her front yard for the installation of a metal wire.

Nevada Supreme Court Affirms Dismissal of Insured’s Complaint Against Title Insurer When Insured Discovered Property Was Not Lakefront 
In the case, the plaintiff insured bought a property that the seller had represented as being on Lake Tahoe. In 2008, in an action to which the insured was not a party, the Court determined that the County owned an 18-foot strip of land separating a number of properties, including the insured’s, from the lake based on a 1921 subdivision plat.

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Duly Noted: Florida’s New Notary Law
In an ever-evolving technological world, a growing number of professions, especially real estate, are transitioning from human interaction and communication to algorithms and artificial intelligence. Being a Florida notary is no exception.

If you’re at a house or business, it’s easy enough to communicate where you are: just give an address or a google-able name. But if you’re trying to meet someone at their blanket on the beach, or telling a friend where in the woods you’re lost, that’s a harder problem.

We’ve talked about how  fake business listings can show up on Google Maps despite Google’s regulations, and use the appearance of legitimacy to exploit customers and other business. As it turns out, it’s pretty easy for AI assistants to fall prey to fake information, too.

Titlesolv MD Reema Mannah: In a structure where land records are imperfect, title insurance offers a solution
Title insurance is a product that aims to cover the property buyers and project investors from a number of real estate risks. It has been adopted globally and has indeed been instrumental in growth of the real estate sector in many countries.

How a Jersey Town Mayor and Title Industry Veteran Became the Ravens’ Kicking Expert
For the past 11 years (and counting) Brown has made the 250-mile roundtrip commute from Evesham Township, about 30 minutes southeast of Philadelphia in New Jersey, to Owings Mills to coach the Ravens’ specialists.
He does it because he has two competing passions: football and politics.

How a Ukrainian tycoon became Cleveland’s commercial real estate kingpin
A new lawsuit highlights the ongoing failings of the U.S.'s anti-kleptocracy policies.

10 years, $1 million spent, still no deal: This man plans to remake downtown Meridian, Idaho
For the last decade, Ditz (pronounced deets) has concentrated all his efforts toward developing the 20-acre station property. There’s just one problem: He doesn’t actually own   the land. Neither does Union Pacific Railroad, Ditz contends. The government granted the railroad an easement years ago, giving it the right to use the land indefinitely, but no actual ownership.

Title Agents Go Nationwide
For agents interested in growing their businesses by expanding into multiple states, we’re here to make the process simple and profitable. We offer you one point of contact to streamline your options and solutions...

Can a Puppy Help Sell Your Home?
Some brokers are bringing their love for animals to work and showing properties with shelter animals in tow.

Why does the Wells Fargo Building have its own zip code?
The Wells Fargo Building at 123 S. Broad St., between Sansom and Walnut Streets, has a distinguished history, from appearing on the National Register of Historic Places to starring in the 1983 comedy  Trading Places. But why does it have its own zip code?

People Are Sharing The Worst Kitchen Designs They’ve Encountered, And They’re Hilarious 
Food. Family. Fun. These three words perfectly describe the kitchen, which is where everybody loves to congregate. And though we might say that all people are created equal, the same can't really be said about all kitchens.

New Trapper Keeper Game Lets Those of Us of a Certain Age Relive the Glory Days of Adolescence
Eighties and '90s kids know that there was nothing cooler than carrying around a  Trapper Keeper , a colorful binder that let you show off a bit of your personal style.

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