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The dictionary defines a covenant as a “formal, solemn and binding agreement.” A dictionary of legal terms defines a deed restriction as a “private agreement that restricts the use of the real estate in some way and are listed in the deed.

Finra penalizes securities arm of BNP Paribas $15 Million for AML failings, oversight of tens of thousands of risky penny stock trades worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

In 1964, Bob Dylan famously sang the lyrics, “Oh, the times they are a-changin.” While Dylan’s melodramatic anthem focused on the shifting American societal landscape during that turbulent decade, the title industry is currently undergoing its own era of change in the 21st century. 

Title Insurance Coverage: where an accurate survey would have shown that seller had abandoned access and parking easement, which had been built upon by a neighbor, title insurer had no duty to defend buyer in quiet title action between buyer and neighbor - Haley v. Hume, No. 77769-6-1 (Wash. Ct. App., Sept. 9, 2019) (affirming summary judgment).

In many places there's no requirement to tell a home buyer if a house is at risk of flooding, even as climate change increases that risk. Some hope a new Texas law will be a national model.

Does your business or residential property share a common driveway or parking area with the property next door? Do you use the adjoining property for access to your property?

The expansion of the Mill Creek MetroParks Bikeway in Mahoning County sparked legislation to limit how eminent domain can be used.

An AS IS exculpatory clause in a contract does not automatically relieve a party of any liability, especially where that party committed fraud to obtain the exculpatory clause.

The Superior Court of Connecticut recently granted a title insurance company’s motion to strike certain defenses raised by homeowners in the title company’s unjust enrichment claim against them arising out of incorrectly wired funds. 

The town-planning laws are being amended once again. Most of the amendments have to do with integrated and sustainable development.

Blockchain is undoubtedly a genius invention in the world of modernization. The concept of block chain was first introduced in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto (pseudo name).

Your home network—and everything connected to it—is like a vault. Behind your login lies tons of valuable information, from unencrypted files containing personal data to devices that can be hijacked and used for any purpose.

Lucknow: After about 70 years of legal battle in independent India and 90 years during the British rule, the Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi land dispute of Ayodhya stands out as probably the longest-drawn controversy in the country’s history. 

A Florida homeowner's attempt to kick trespassers off of her property ends with police putting her in handcuffs. The two-day dispute from mid-October has sparked an internal investigation by the Tampa Police Department.

Title Agents Go Nationwide
For agents interested in growing their businesses by expanding into multiple states, we’re here to make the process simple and profitable. We offer you one point of contact to streamline your options and solutions...

This Thursday evening, children in dozens of countries around the world will take to the streets in costume, going door to door asking for candy. And in many cases, the residents of those houses will deliver.

Just when you thought Hudson Yards, New York’s shiny new dystopian neighborhood, couldn't outdo itself, they announce something even more over-the-top.

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