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Title Insurance Industry & Technology News 11/29/17
Compliments of Marianne Mathieu
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Industry News
Real Estate Agents Mobilize to Shield Homeowners on Tax Plan
The New York Times - For decades, the real estate industry has benefited from generous tax deductions that raise home values by making it cheaper for people to own property and shoulder their local taxes. Now, as the Republican tax plan makes its way through Congress, the industry is worried that the fallout will harm its business by making homeownership less valuable.

Cordray Sets Off Power Struggle for CFPB Leadership
National Mortgage Professional Magazine - The traditionally quiet Thanksgiving holiday weekend became a surprise battlefront as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) turned into Washington’s latest partisan struggle when outgoing director Richard Cordray attempted to muscle his way past President Trump in naming his successor while the White House named its own interim chief until a new director is confirmed.

Here's what the new CFPB director should change
Housing Wire - Richard Cordray is officially out at the CFPB, and although the bureau and the White House are battling it out over who gets to name the interim director, a change in direction is all but assured. Whoever takes the helm at the bureau should use the opportunity to correct some of the most onerous practices at the regulator. Here are three critical steps:

Sales Commission Agreements Can Limit Potential Liability
JD Supra - A manufacturing company’s sales employee successfully convinces a new customer to purchase a commercial cooler. Under the employee’s sales commission plan, she receives a commission of 2% of the price of the cooler and any repair parts purchased. 

Home buying nightmare: Couple could get stuck with previous owners bills
WDJT Milwaukee - Buying a home went from a dream to a nightmare for a Waukesha County couple, after a contractor claimed the previous owner didn't pay him for his work.

Law Firm Leadership: Give Thanks to Clients While Creating Your Unique Distinction
JD Supra - This time of the year provides a great opportunity to reach out to your clients and contacts to thank them for working with you and for being a part of their organization. Why not reflect on this aspect of the business relationship and think about what you can do to thank clients in a value-added and meaningful way? Every client will probably value something a little differently.

Legal News
Traps for the Unwary under California Law: How Good Deals Can Go Bad
JD Supra - California law has the potential to produce unintended consequences in real estate transactions. Below are a few of the legal “gotchas” that deal makers should keep in mind in transactions where California law governs.

Oregon vineyard vs pot growers lawsuit proceeds
CBS KOIN 6 - A Yamhill County judge has denied a motion to dismiss a complaint filed by a vineyard owner against aspiring marijuana growers. The vineyard owner, Momtazi Family LLC, claims marijuana odors would damage wine grapes with “foul-smelling particles.”

Law Enforcement Forced to Learn New Skills—Criminals Turn to Drones
JD Supra - We know by now that there is a good chance someone is out there spray painting his drone black and taping over the lights so that he can get away with flying his drone into a prison yard to delivery contraband. But drones are also being used to spy on people, interrupt the work of emergency services, harass wild animals, and menace other aircraft.

Tech / Social Media
Establishing a chain of title - Leveraging blockchain for the real estate industry
JD Supra - Establishing a good title and guaranteeing speedy acquisition of real estate is of paramount importance to investors, funds, and real estate developers. For example, if salient information on prior encumbrances, easements and restrictive covenants is not easily obtainable, land ownership disputes may increase transaction risks significantly.

10 Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers
Social Media Examiner - Do you want to streamline your social media marketing tasks? Looking for tools that will improve content quality and boost productivity? In this article, you’ll discover 10 Chrome extensions to improve your social media marketing workflows.

How to Quickly Spot a LinkedIn Faker
JD Supra - How do you know if an account is fake? A few months ago, I received a connection request from a Private Banker in the UK. I do work with some financial services companies, so I accepted the connection request. Almost immediately, I received an email about a business opportunity and was told to respond to a private email address. 

Five Fifty: The Digital Effect
McKinsey Quarterly - What does the digitization of industries mean for future revenue and profit growth? The findings are bad news for average companies

In Other News
The Forgotten History of Jingle Bells
Now That I Know - That's Half the Battle! - The first episode of the Simpsons — Season 1, Episode 1 — debuted on December 17, 1989. Homer and Marge (with Maggie in tow) make their way to Springfield Elementary School for Lisa and Bart’s Christmas concert. Bart’s grade is singing a Christmas melody featuring the iconic song “Jingle Bells.” 

Tasting Chocolate?
Location! Location! Location!
Exotic Chocolate Testing - A phrase used in a real estate dating back to the 1920’s, almost a hundred years ago! Relevant to this day in describing how chocolate will taste different depending on where it’s grown. Travel around the world with chocolate will give you a sense of place. 

The Beautiful Cakes Injected Full of Flowers
Atlas Obscura - Needles and syringes might not seem like tools for a pastry chef. But they’re essential for creating the technicolor, three-dimensional designs suspended inside thạch rau câu, or Vietnamese jelly cakes. 

A new photo book makes NYC look like a set of toys
Time Out - New York - The world is chock-full of compelling photographs of New York’s skyline, streets, style and straphangers. The city has been the subject of a countless number of films, art exhibitions and Instagram posts. After being inundated by an endless stream of “inspiring” images of Gotham, it can be difficult for an artist’s portrayal of the city to stand out.

Title Agents Go Nationwide
For agents interested in growing their businesses by expanding into multiple states, we’re here to make the process simple and profitable. We offer you one point of contact to streamline your options and solutions.

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