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Title Insurance Industry & Technology News 12/06/17
Compliments of Marianne Mathieu
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Industry News
Title Insurers Look Forward to Strong 2018
DSNews- In its a new 2018 Outlook entitled "Fitch 2018 Outlook: U.S. Title Insurance Industry (Market Fundamentals Point to Continued Strong Performance)," Fitch Ratings predicts a stable outlook for 2018, predicting that “ratings for the industry, on balance, will remain at current levels over the next 12-24 months.” 

2017 Small Business Credit Survey
Federal Reserve Bank of New York - Timely information on small business financing needs, decisions and outcomes is critical to understanding and fostering the sector's health and growth. To provide that information to policy makers, researchers and service providers, the Small Business Credit Survey (SBCS) asks small business owners to detail their current business climate, financial needs and recent credit experiences.

Up to 1,000 consumers hit by N.C. title insurance scam
Insurance Business America - Up to 1,000 consumers may have been affected by a massive title insurance scam in North Carolina, authorities say.

Assurant testing title/appraisal hybrids for first-lien mortgages
National Mortgage News - Title and appraisal hybrid products used in the home equity market also could be used selectively in the first-lien mortgage market if tests by Assurant Inc. go well.

Irony at its finest: malls are now being sold online
The Real Deal - Failing malls are increasingly being sold via online auctions, the Wall Street Journal reports. For example, online marketplace, Ten-X Commercial, is the venue Ohio mall Midway Mall was sold on for $4.5 million in July.

Real Property, Financial Services, & Title Insurance Update: Weeks Ending November 17 & 24, 2017
JD Supra -
Real Property Update:
Receiver/Barton Doctrine
Foreclosure/Summary Judgment
Financial Services Update
Title Insurance Update:
Created, Suffered or Assumed
Negligent Misrepresentation
Motion to Dismiss
Statute of Limitations
Equitable Subrogation / Double Recovery
Legal News
Political malice and the denial of property rights in NYC
Crain's New York Business - A developer says he will never abandon plans to legally develop his Greenwich Village building

Morris Builders says tainted title tanked Target project in Yonkers
Westfair Business - Morris Builders has been trying to build a Target store for several years at the former Austin Avenue landfill in Yonkers, but its aim was repeatedly deflected by litigation over property rights.

WaMu’s Losses on Fraudulent Mortgages Are Covered; Not “Indirect” as Carrier Argued 
Lexology - Whether a policyholder’s losses are “direct” or “indirect” can be coverage-determinative. Most financial institution bonds exclude “indirect” or “consequential” losses.

Tech / Social Media
Robots take over real estate – now giving guided property tours
Housing Wire - Robots are taking over real estate as they now offer guided tours through rental properties, allowing real estate agents to manage their properties completely online.

In Real Estate’s Next Act, Blockchain Threatens to Take Center Stage
Commercial Observer - Today, real estate professionals from brokers to bankers and lawyers to title insurers are having their own blockchain moment, increasingly attuned to the digital ledger infrastructure’s potential to reshape industry.

Worldwide: Establishing A Chain of Title: Leveraging Blockchain for the Real Estate Industry
Mondaq - Establishing a good title and guaranteeing speedy acquisition of real estate is of paramount importance to investors, funds, and real estate developers. For example, if salient information on prior encumbrances, easements and restrictive covenants is not easily obtainable, land ownership disputes may increase transaction risks significantly. 

In Other News
Cocktails Only a Local Could Love: Please weigh in on your favorite whether you're "a local" or not.
The New York Times - Coca-Cola North America recently announced that it had purchased the United States rights to Topo Chico, the Mexican mineral water that is popular along the border. Could this mean that ranch water — a mix of tequila, lime juice and Topo Chico — will soon become a coast-to-coast craze in America?

The First Cat in Space Deserves a Memorial
Atlas Obscura - A small rocket took off from a launchpad in Hammaguir, Algeria. It rose about 100 miles, cutting through the atmosphere, before it hit its upper limit and began plunging back to Earth. A small capsule separated from the rocket and floated down to land in the desert, and a team of French scientists helicoptered over and retrieved its inhabitant: a black and white cat named Félicette.

In Their Words ...
The Real Deal - The funniest and most insightful comments on real estate

Five Fifty - Evaluate This
McKinsey & Company - Want better performance from your employees? Drop the annual review process and its ill-fitting stack-and-rank ratings approach. You're better off crowdsourcing evaluations as part of a new approach to motivating workers.

How Did a Lobster Get a Pepsi Logo on Its Claw?
Atlas Obscura - A lobster fisher based in New Brunswick, Canada, was looking over a lobster being loaded into a crate when she noticed something unusual. It was unmistakable: the blue and red logo of Pepsi-Cola.

Jim Beam is selling a smart decanter that pours whiskey on command
The Verge - Jim Beam makes bourbon, but it seems that the distillery is looking to make the jump into the tech industry with the release of its new product Jim, a “smart” decanter. But instead of telling you the weather or setting alarms, Jim pours whiskey.

Title Agents Go Nationwide
For agents interested in growing their businesses by expanding into multiple states, we’re here to make the process simple and profitable. We offer you one point of contact to streamline your options and solutions.

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