Issue No. 190 | September 23, 2020

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It’s hard to avoid SPACs. Everyone has one, Nikola (NKLA) is looking more and more like a fraud, and Chamath just launched three more. It’s easy to dismiss SPACs as a fad and the companies that they take public as immature, risky, and dangerous.

Due to a 0.5% "adverse market" fee, effective Dec. 1 and imposed on lenders by mortgage backers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, many homeowners are expected to absorb at least some of the cost when they refinance (certain refis are exempt, including those for loan balances below $125,000).

While politicians often decry bureaucracy and red tape, a bill passed by Indiana legislators in 2020 changed a single word in a state statute and, as a result, raised an extra hurdle for Hoosiers trying to get a document recorded at their local county recorder’s office.

The Court of Special Appeals of Maryland has issued two new easement decisions of importance to real estate practitioners. Both decisions provide rare detailed analysis from the Court of Special Appeals into easements and are worth review.

The Congress, with passage of the 1985 Farm Bill, tied participation in federal farm programs to conservation requirements related to “highly erodible land” and “wetlands” New concepts were introduced such as the Conservation Reserve Program, Sodbuster, Swampbuster, and abandoned cropland, just to name a few.

New trouble for Carlton Fields, embroiled in malpractice litigation alleging it represented opposing interests in a business deal involving Attorney’s Title Insurance Fund, or ATIF.

The 1972 document has remained little known until the last few weeks. Princeville residents have said they were never made aware of the expiration of the open-space guarantee when they purchased their homes. For a variety of technical legal reasons, the document does not appear to have been discovered in hundreds of title searches for Princeville homes over the last four decades.

Completing a mortgage via eClose in Texas has come a long way since its hard-fought adoption in 2018.

The introduction of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) two years ago launched a wave of state regulations around data and privacy, and the law began to be enforced July 1.

Married women in Botswana can now own land alongside their husbands, the country’s president has said, following an amendment to the 2015 Land Policy. President Mokgweetsi Masisi also said at a virtual briefing that the new land policy will protect widows and orphans who act as heads of households.

While registered owners of Torrens title land usually do not need to concern themselves with unregistered rights, historical common law roads created over their land can be an instance where they do need to worry.

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A mansion with its own artificial spot to scuba dive and cliff dive is the most expensive listing in the state of Kansas.

To the mothers, he was just Donor 9623. They did not know his name, but from his glowing sperm-donor profile, they knew he had an IQ of 160, spoke four languages, was pursuing a doctorate in neuroscience engineering, and looked like Tom Cruise.

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