Issue No.251, November 10, 2021

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The Domino Effect
As 2022 approaches, property preservation companies are navigating through challenges presented by low foreclosure/REO volumes, navigating regulatory challenges posed by maintaining properties and preparing for an upswing in those volumes as moratoria and homeowners exit forbearance.

RESPRO Testifies before California DFPI on Escrow Proposals
RESPRO® believes that the Department should enforce RESPA to prevent illegal payments for the referral of business rather than attempt to universally prohibit activities and control or set prices and fees. 

Washington builders sue to stop real estate document filing tax

The Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) has filed a lawsuit to stop collection of a new surcharge it says adds nearly $200 to the cost of common real estate filings. The suit, filed in Thurston County Superior Court, asks the court to prevent county auditors from collecting what BIAW characterizes as an unconstitutional surcharge.

2022 brings new requirements, RON for Illinois Notaries
Starting January 1, 2022, Notaries in Illinois will be required to keep a journal, may register to perform RONs and more. Below, we dive into the changes affecting Notaries under Senate Bill 2664 plus the notarial fee increase coming July 2022.

Overlay Zones: A Clever Way Around Spot Zoning
Spot zoning challenges have caused countless headaches to municipalities and developers over the years, resulting in development delays, increased costs, uncertainties, and legal fees and expenses. And since spot zoning challenges are usually brought by adjoining landowners they cannot be easily dismissed quickly due to lack of standing. 

Legislative Update: A Practical Guide to the Most Significant Changes in Texas Lien Laws
In September 2021, the Texas legislature made major changes to the construction lien statutes in Chapter 53 of the Texas Property Code. All of the key players in the construction industry (owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, landscapers, and sureties) are affected.  

Louisiana Court Considers Buried and Surface Flowlines
In Emerald Land Corp. v. Trimont Energy (BL) LLC, a Louisiana federal court considered whether a lessee was required to remove flowlines buried beneath the surface and canal bottoms of property subject to mineral leases.

What are Consentable Lines in Pennsylvania?
When an actual, de facto boundary between two adjoining properties exists apart from the legal descriptions of both properties by deed, Pennsylvania Law provides that property lines which are respected and mutually acquiesced to for a statutory prescribed period of twenty-one (21) years become the legal boundary between the properties.

Solar power company locks their doors, leaving customers potentially exposed to liens.
Sullivan Solar Power, one of the largest solar installation companies in the San Diego area, has locked its doors, and some of its customers are worried about what will happen to the sizable investments they’ve made on their rooftop solar systems.

Groundbreaking B.C. land registry to help deter money laundering delayed by a year
The launch of a Land Owner Transparency Registry that's been touted as a critical anti-money laundering tool has been delayed for a year due in part to poor communication by the provincial government, say B.C. lawyers.

PM calls for land title issuance to settle disputes outside of courts
Prime Minister Hun Sen instructed the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction to expedite the issuance of land titles and to solve land disputes and conflicts related to economic land concessions through non-judicial mechanisms when possible.

With Drones, CRE Property Tours Join the 'Entertainment Age'
Commercial real estate property tours have joined the “entertainment age” as more and more companies are shooting breath-taking drone videos to create a “wow” factor when promoting their space.

Zillow’s home-buying debacle shows how hard it is to use AI to value real estate
In February, Zillow appeared so confident in its ability to use artificial intelligence to estimate the value of homes that it announced a new option: for certain homes, its so-called “Zestimate” would also represent an initial cash offer from the company to purchase the property.

Greater Illinois Title again voted Title Company of the Year
Greater Illinois Title Co. (GIT), the largest title agency in Illinois, was voted Title Company of the Year for the third consecutive year by Chicago real estate agents in the Chicago Agent Magazine Agents’ Choice Awards.

Doing time: Historic Texas jail to let guests sleep in cells
The building, just off Main Street in Memphis, Texas — which has a small Downtown in the high plains of the state — was recently sold to a couple that plans on living there and rent out spare rooms to those interested in sleeping in spaces with bars for doors.

The Deaf Cat of New York’s Post Office
At the turn of the 20th century, George Cook had the title of Superintendent of Federal Cats at the postal service in New York City. It was his assistant, Gustave Fersenheim, who actually fed the many cats that the post office employed for rodent control. Fersenheim was a deaf postal clerk, but as he got older he was allowed to spend his time feeding and caring for the cats, and finding homes for their numerous kittens. Then one day, the post office gained a deaf cat named Tom.

Suffolk's Pink and Crooked Houses
The historic villages and towns of Suffolk are filled with wonky wooden beam houses painted an unusual shade of pink, unknown to many though, this sweet shade had a bloody history. 

Terrible real estate photographs
“Let me know when you’re done in the bath, I’ll use that water for the pasta”