Issue No. 215 | March 17, 2021

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A small credit union in Michigan was recently penalized in what’s thought to be the first example of U.S. regulators publicly calling out a financial institution for compliance failures involving the cannabis industry.

Two years ago, William Maffucci, a real-estate lawyer with Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia, LLC, exposed on these pages the myth of “title theft” — i.e., the concept that a criminal could “steal” a house by simply forging the owner’s name on a deed

LA | Louisiana has issued Advisory Letter 2021-01. The Letter sets forth the new eligibility requirements that the Louisiana Legislature has imposed upon any and all persons who seek to obtain or maintain a title insurance producer license from the Department of Insurance, whether resident or non-resident.

Digital technologies are paving the way for more convenient and efficient transactions. Paper documents and wet-ink signatures are being replaced by their electronic equivalents, and “in-person” appearances can now be facilitated by secure and remote audio-visual solutions.

With the passage of HB 1056, Indiana recently added new sections to its Code concerning the recording of documents, either in electronic format or paper format. These amendments are effective immediately.

A bill in the Florida Legislature that would bolster a state property rights law — one critics say already scares local governments away from protecting the environment — was written by representatives of a major development business that has donated to its Senate sponsor.

In its March 11, 2021 opinion, Division Three of the Washington Court of Appeals considered whether the 90-day period to record a claim of lien is extended by a contractor performing work after substantial completion to correct nonconforming work – usually referred to as “warranty work.”  

A long-festering battle over a marble mine in the Crystal River Valley has taken a twist that threatens to permanently shut down the operation before it ever gets scaled up to industrial level.

The New York State Court of Appeals recently issued a joint opinion in four cases regarding the state’s six-year statute of limitations on foreclosure actions.

The Court of Appeal held that a landowner’s petition for “exclusion” under the Subdivision Map Act seeking orders declaring a parcel map void and restoring the historical lot lines was barred under the doctrine of laches. Decea v. City. of Ventura, 59 Cal. App. 5th 1097 (2021).

The New Jersey Appellate Division in New York Mortgage Trust v. Deely, 2021 WL 520063 (App. Div. 2021) has recently published the latest in a series of opinions concerning equitable subrogation.

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – A property development company claims it owns parts of the Hillsboro Inlet and the backyards of several houses nearby.

Nuchatlaht First Nation has received a trial date of March 15, 2022 from the B.C. Supreme Court, to proceed with its Aboriginal land title case.

Steve Ogier could face two years behind bars after trying to get around planning rules by declaring his land a sovereign state and making himself king. He tells Wil Crisp about his journey so far, and why he won’t give up without a fight.

In a new article titled "A Hacker Got All My Texts for $16," Vice reporter Joseph Cox detailed how the white-hat hacker—an employee at a security vendor—was able to redirect all of his text messages and then break into online accounts that rely on texts for authentication.

HGTV’s Nicole Curtis, the star of the network’s Rehab Addict Rescue, filed a lawsuit today against the Detroit Land Bank. Curtis claimed the agency took advantage of her by taking the deed to a house she’d sunk $60,000 into rehabbing.

NORFOLK, Va. – The former president of an escrow and title company pleaded guilty today to misappropriating $715,000 of closing funds in connection with 48 real estate transactions for which she served as the settlement agent.

Coby James Harris of Sturgis, Michigan, is facing charges he assaulted his girlfriend, Mary Lindsey. He was out on bond on March 2nd, when both Harris and Lindsey appeared virtually at a court hearing. It should be noted at this point that a condition of Harris’s release was that he not have contact with Lindsey.

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Sitting low among the hills, just north of the city of Frejus, in southern France, not far from the French Riviera coast, are the broken remains of the Malpasset Dam. This river barrier, completed in 1954, was built to regulate the flow of the Reyran River, and store water for agriculture and domestic use.

Alice Cunningham Fletcher was born March 15, 1838, in Cuba. A driven and passionate woman, she was active in the temperance, anti-tobacco and feminist movements, and a need to earn her own living propelled her into her first career as a public lecturer and later into anthropology in her 40s. 

Much like the legend that Catherine O’Leary’s cow started the Great Chicago Fire in 1871, historians doubt the story that the home was built for her — or that she ever lived there.

While a travel advisory is still in effect due to COVID-19, perhaps now is the time for an armchair trip to Alaska based on a 1929 letter sent to The Carroll Record.

Local man admits running illegal workshop making nightmares and panic attacks.

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