Library Is Closed Until Further Notice
We are sad to announce that, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Tiverton Public Library and Union Public Library will remain closed to the public until further notice.

Interlibrary delivery has been suspended, and museum pass reservations and room bookings are unavailable. Due dates for all Rhode Island public library materials have been changed to May 1, so we ask that you keep your library materials until after we reopen.

The buildings may be closed, but our services are not! In this special edition of the Tiverton Public Libraries Newsletter, we hope to provide links to useful information, resources, and family activities on our website and elsewhere to help you during this time. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter , where library staff are posting regularly with even more great online resources.

Please call us at 401-625-6796 or email with any questions. Library staff will be answering phone and email inquiries during this time. 

Thank you for helping us protect the health of our community!
Information About COVID-19
There are many sites posting false or misleading information about COVID-19, and there are those who are trying to take advantage of people during this crisis. Be wary of what you read online and of ads or articles about products that seem “too good to be true.”

Here are some reputable, reliable sources of information. Click on each logo to access the resource.
Rhode Island Department of Health
Library patrons are encouraged to visit the Rhode Island Department of Health website for authoritative and up-to-date information and recommendations on COVID-19.
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also has valuable resources on COVID-19 and how to protect yourself.
RI Office of Library & Information Services
You may also visit the RI Office of Library & Information Services website. They have gathered resources for libraries and for the public during this crisis.
Town of Tiverton
There is town-specific information on the COVID-19 response on the Town of Tiverton website.
RI Department of Labor and Training
The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training has created a fact sheet for those whose employment has been affected by the virus.
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Protect yourself financially from the coronavirus with information from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
You can also find these and other resources on our website.
Library Resources You Can Access from Home
Download Free eBooks and Audiobooks from the eZone
The library may be closed, but the eZone is open 24/7!

With your Ocean State Libraries card*, you can download ebooks and audiobooks to computers, tablets, eReaders, and other mobile devices for free! Visit the  Ocean State Libraries eZone  to get started!
* This feature is available for Rhode Island residents and out-of-state residents with a full-access card only. Massachussetts residents with a local-use only card should check out the online materials available through the Massachusetts' SAILS network eZone:
Tiverton Public Library Online Databases
Now may be a great time to learn a new language, research your family history, catch up on school work, compare features for that new appliance you're looking to purchase, or do some "archchair traveling."

Our Library's website features a comprehensive list of free online resources and databases to help you reseach at home. is your source for answers and a whole lot more!

The online portal of the Statewide Reference Resource Center allows Rhode Island residents 24/7 access to a wealth of free information and learning resources.'s robust suite of online resources will continue to be available to all Rhode Island residents 24/7.
Free Wi-Fi
Photo of person on computer in car, by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash
If you need it, the Library's wi-fi is available 24 hours a day and can be accessed from outside the library.

Our wi-fi network is called “Tiverton Public” and you don't need a password.
You can also find these and other resources on our website.
At Home with Miss Meg and Mr. Monkey
Miss Meg and Mr. Monkey Read at Home
Hello Friends! 

Mr. Monkey and I have been playing lots of games to help pass the time. We have included three of our favorites below for you to try. We have also added digital resources for storytimes, books, and virtual trips. 

Please join the library on Facebook and Twitter . We are posting heaps of fun things for you to do everyday!

Stay healthy, safe, and well.

Smiles & BIG banana hugs,

Miss Meg & Mr. Monkey
Bananariffic Boredom Busters
Go on a Treasure Hunt
You can hide anything: pennies, Legos, or pieces of colored paper. Take turns hiding treasure for one another to find. You could even make a treasure map!

All you need is a rubber ball and some empty water, juice, or soda bottles. A hallway makes the perfect at-home bowling alley. Set up your pins (empty bottles) at one end and tape a line at the other end. Take turns knocking your homemade pins down. Each player gets 1 point for each pin they knock down. The player with the most points wins. For fun, decorate your bowling pins before playing.
Mr. Monkey Making a Shadow Drawing
Trace a Shadow Picture
Place a piece of white paper on the floor in front of the window so the sun is shining on the paper. Place a stuffed animal or toy between the window and the paper so that the shadow falls on the paper. You could even try making a scene. Trace around the shadow and then use crayons or markers to add silly details to the shadow picture.
Online Storytimes
Photo by Michael Morse from Pexels
The website Brightly, which focuses on helping parents raise kids who love to read, offers book recommendations and hosts Brightly Storytime. Check out these video storytimes of popular children's books.

Join astronauts on the space station for Storytime from Space.

Harper Collins Children’s Books presents HarperKids with video reading of their popular children's books.
Fun with Books
Children’s book authors and illustrators have created a special youtube channel, Authors Everywhere!, full of stories, activities, and games.

Explore the world of children’s literature. Visit Kidlit TV for stories, crafts, games, music, book trailers, and more.
Art and Drawing
Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels
Join Mo Willems in his studio each weekday at 1:00pm for Lunch Doodles.

Draw with author and illustrator Jarrett J. Krosoczka every day at 2:00pm. Watch the first episode here:
Go to a Concert
Photo by Alireza Attari on Unsplash
Join Emily and Bow for songs and stories during “At Home with Emily Arrow” every day at 1:00pm.
Local storyteller and musician Bill Harley will be live streaming a concert from his office every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00pm.
Coloring and Activity Pages
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
To celebrate Children’s Book Week, the site Every Child A Reader asked 23 children's book illustrators to contribute artwork to this free resource. You can print individual illustrations or download the complete coloring book.

Color the day away! Visit Crayola for some great printable coloring sheets for all ages.

Woo! Jr is one of our favorite sites for printable activities. Click below for Hidden Pictures and other fun activities.
Free Online Book and Magazine Resources
Girl reading online
Junior Library Guild is giving FREE access to their online reading platform. Readers in grades K-12 now have access to JLG Digital and can read books online from any device. 

Go to JLG Digital Home:
And enter the code for the book stream of your choice: 
Take a peek at this great resource from Scholastic with 20 days' worth of educational activities, books, and videos for kids in Pre-K - Grade 6. 
Ranger Rick is giving FREE access to its website and digital magazines, including Zoobooks, Zoodinos, Zootles, Zoobies, Ranger Rick, Ranger Rick Jr, and Cub ! Click here for access:
Take a Virtual Field Trip
Take a trip to the zoo from your living room. Check out the animal cams at the Atlanta Zoo, Houston Zoo, National Zoo, and the San Diego Zoo. 

Or go on a Home Safari with the Cincinnati Zoo, live each weekday at 3:00pm.

Even closer to home, Buttonwood Park Zoo is streaming a l ive virtual keeper chat each day at 11:00am. Spend time with the zoo staff and animals, ask questions, and learn from home.

Would you rather go to the aquarium? Monterey Bay Aquarium and Georgia Aquarium both have live cams of their tanks so you can swim with the sharks, float with the jellyfish, or play with the beluga whales.
Photo by Manu M. on Unsplash
Children’s musician Justin Roberts has a webpage teaching kids how to make homemade musical instruments.

Afterwards, jam along with Justin during one of his concerts on his Facebook page.
Steve Spangler Science is sharing “50 Experiements for 50 Days” starting Monday, March 23rd. Experiments will be posted on the Steve Spangler Facebook page.

Learn to code at home with Hour to Code. They have a variety of fun coding games and activities for all ages and experience levels.
For more great resources and activities, follow us on Facebook or Twitter ,
or visit our website.
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