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Tlingit & Haida eNews 02.18.20
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  • Save Our Ferries Rally
  • Native Issues Forum Series Kicks Off
  • Reentry Simulation Held
  • Tribal Assembly Notice
  • President's Award Banquet & Fundraiser
Upcoming Events
  • Native Issues Forum
Save Our Ferries Rally
On February 11, 2020, over 100 people gathered outside the Alaska State Capitol building to rally in support of the Alaska Marine Highway System which is an integral part of Southeast Alaska’s transportation system that provides a critical link for many communities.

President Richard Chalyee Éesh Peterson spoke during the rally and shared, “From the Tribe’s perspective, enough is enough. Our communities are the most affected and the marine highway is the lifeblood of Alaska.”

Several legislators were also in attendance and spoke at the rally including Senator Jesse Kiehl and Representatives Sara Hannan, Andi Story and Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins.

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Native Issues Forum Series Kicks Off
Tlingit & Haida kicked off this year's Native Issues Forum series on February 3, 2020 with Juneau’s legislative delegation - Senator Jesse Kiehl, Representative Sara Hannan and Representative Andi Story.

Each lawmaker briefly talked about issues they are currently working on and how they hope to accomplish their goals.

The delegation all agreed that fixing the underfunded Alaska Marine Highway system is a top priority and reiterated their commitment to seeking solutions that maintain or increase ferry service to communities.

Senator Kiehl also shared that the Village Public Safety Officer (VPSO) program will be a topic much discussed during this year’s legislative session to improve public safety in rural Alaska. 

During the Q&A session, Representative Hannan spoke out against barrier licenses that preclude someone with a felony on their record from certain licenses. She said the laws that are encoded in statute don’t necessarily do what they’re intended to do.

Representative Story discussed House Bill 24, a bill she is co-sponsoring that would allow districts to hire language immersion teachers who are qualified to lead a classroom in an Alaska Native language but are unable to earn a full teacher certification. She also discussed a bill she plans to introduce that would increase the base student allocation by $30 million.

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Reentry Simulation
Tlingit & Haida's Reentry & Recovery department held another successful Reentry Simulation in Juneau, Alaska on January 30, 2020 in partnership with the Juneau Reentry Coalition and Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority.  This hands-on event provided community leaders, lawmakers, law enforcement and many others a chance to gain an understanding of the barriers and challenges faced by men and women reentering society after incarceration.

Participants were assigned character profiles during the simulation that created accurate portrayals of every institution that a person reentering society will meet and how many places a person must visit daily to fulfill the needs of the court. The simulation started with a visit to the probation officer’s desk to see what unique steps must be taken to comply with state rules and regulations and complete court-ordered tasks.

" Effective reentry programming is a focus this year as highlighted by Governor Dunleavy in his State of the State address," shared Reentry & Recovery Manager Talia Eames. " As we go into this legislative session, it’s important for our policymakers to understand the barriers that our returning citizens face."
Tribal Assembly Notice
Over 100 Delegates from Southeast Alaska, Anchorage, Washington and California will gather April 22-24, 2020 in Juneau, Alaska to conduct tribal business at the 85th Annual Tribal Assembly. Delegates are the Tribe's governing body while in session and possess the sovereign and plenary power to legislate for and govern, conduct and manage the affairs and property of Tlingit & Haida.

This year, Delegates will hear reports covering the administrative, governmental and business activities of the Tribe, review and take action on resolutions, and elect Tlingit & Haida's President, Vice Presidents, Chief Justice, Associate Justice, Delegate/Citizen of the Year, and Emerging Leader.

To view the latest draft of the Tribal Assembly Agenda at a Glance, click here .

Tribal Assembly Highlights:
Theme: "Our People, Our Land, Our Purpose"
Tribal Host: William E. Martin
Tribal Hostess: Corrine M. Garza
Keynote Speaker: Fawn Sharpe, National Congress of American Indians President
President's Award Banquet & Fundraiser
Tlingit & Haida is pleased to announce this year's award recipients for the President’s Award Banquet & Fundraiser on April 24, 2020.

President's Award Recipients:
Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Dr. Dennis Demmert

Everyday Hero Awards
  • Virginia Oliver: Culture Bearer
  • Simon Friday: Emerging Leader
  • Matt Carle Sr.: Hold Each Other Up
  • Mary Cruise: Inspiring Educator
  • David R. Boxley: Language Warrior
  • Colleen Echohawk: Tribal Ally
  • Kyle Worl: Youth Mentor

This year's fundraiser will support Southeast Alaska's indigenous language programs and Tlingit & Haida's Alumni Scholarship program.
Upcoming Events
Native Issues Forum
Dates:  March 2, 2020 
Time:  Noon – 1:00 PM (Doors Open at 11:30 AM)
Location:  Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall (320 W. Willoughby Ave. • Juneau, AK)

Don't forget to join us for our next Native Issues Forum! All forums include a free lunch and are open to the public. We hope you can join us in person or by webcast!

Forum Dates:
  • February 3: Juneau Legislative Delegation
  • February 17: Honoring Elizabeth Peratrovich
  • March 2: Speakers TBA
  • March 20: 2020 Census
  • March 30: Speakers TBA
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