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Tlingit & Haida eNews 05.09.19
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  • Being Good Relatives Gathering
  • 2018 Annual Report Published Online
  • Application Period Open for Summer Youth Employment Services
  • Support the Alumni Scholarship Assistance Program
  • Free High School Senior Portraits
Being Good Relatives Gathering
“When Natives are fighting each other, someone else is winning” was one sentiment shared during the Being Good Relatives Gathering held April 16-18, 2019 at the Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall in Juneau, Alaska.

First Alaskans Institute facilitated the meeting which brought together leadership from Southeast Alaska tribes and corporations to identify barriers and opportunities with the ultimate goal of paving a path forward in unity. The idea to provide smaller regional gatherings stemmed from a statewide Being Good Relatives Gathering held in Anchorage, Alaska last November where tribal and corporate leaders identified shared areas of opportunity and a desire to continue working together on issues. 

Tlingit & Haida President Richard (Chalyee Éesh) Peterson and 3rd Vice President Will (Yaan Yaan Eesh) Micklin participated in the gathering along with representatives from Chilkat Indian Village, Chilkoot Indian Association, Goldbelt, Inc., Haida Corporation, Hoonah Indian Association, Huna Totem, Kake Tribal Corporation, Kavilco, Inc., Kootznoowoo, Inc., Organized Village of Kake, Organized Village of Kasaan, Sealaska, and Yakutat Tlingit Tribe.

“This gathering was long overdue and I couldn’t be more proud of the leaders who came together to make this happen,” shared President Peterson. “One of our greatest tribal values is to hold each other up and I feel that we’re really learning to incorporate that value into our organizations, not only in the ways we treat our citizens and shareholders, but in how we treat one another as well. I’m confident that this is just the beginning – a new beginning – and I hope to see even more tribes and corporations at our future gatherings.”

“As modern Native people tied to many different organizations, we often hear calls for  unity respect  and references to us all being  one people ,” said Sealaska Chair Joe Nelson. “Unfortunately, we do not always take care of ourselves and each other the way we should. Occasionally, we see acts of unity. This effort is intended to normalize positive behaviors because, collectively and individually, we are responsible for our own health and happiness. When we are listening to our ancestors, we are looking out for each other. When we are looking out for each other, we cannot lose.”  

The next gathering is tentatively scheduled for late summer before the annual Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) Convention. 
2018 Annual Report Published Online
Tlingit & Haida is pleased to share the 2018 Annual Report is now available online! Click here to view the annual report.

What’s Inside: 
  • President's Message
  • Our Leadership
  • Tribal Enterprise, Division & Department Reports with 2018 Accomplishments & 2019 Goals
  • Statistics by Community
  • 2018 Milestones Photo Timeline
Application Period Open for Summer Youth Employment Services
Youth Recruitment
There is still time to apply for the summer Youth Employment Services (YES) program! Tlingit & Haida’s Summer YES program helps students discover career/education pathways while developing employment skills and teaching self-sufficiency. The program runs June 1st - August 31st and is available to students 14-21 years of age or non-students 16-24 years of age.

Application Deadline: May 15, 2019
Host Employer Recruitment
Are you an employer interested in providing work experience and training opportunities to tribal citizen youth? If so, Tlingit & Haida is seeking host employers to partner with under the Tribe’s YES program which is available to 22 Southeast Alaska communities. The program runs June 1st – August 31st and can subsidize full or part-time positions up to $10.68/hour. Click here to view the YES Employer Recruitment flyer.

For more information on the YES program, contact Veronica Hoyle at or 907.463.7176.
Support the Alumni Scholarship Assistance Program
This time of year, we are cheering on our tribal citizen youth who have graduated from high school and are setting their next educational goals. Help us hold them up by making a donation to our Alumni Scholarship Assistance program! The scholarship fund is administered by the Tribe’s Cultural Heritage & Education department and has provided nearly $500,000 in scholarships to over 1,500 students. The fund was established over 20 years ago and provides supplementary scholarships to tribally-enrolled citizens who apply and are currently attending or plan to attend an accredited college or university in the pursuit of an education degree.

The Alumni Scholarship application period opens July 1, 2019.

Make a donation to Tlingit & Haida’s Alumni Scholarship program via PayPal or Square. Personal checks can also be payable to Tlingit & Haida and mailed to 3239 Hospital Drive, Juneau, Alaska 99801. 

Click Below to Make a Donation to the Alumni Scholarship:
Free High School Senior Portraits
Graduation is right around the corner and Tlingit & Haida is pleased to offer FREE cap and gown portraits to tribal citizens on May 19, 2019 from 10 AM – 2 PM at the Edward K. Thomas Building (9097 Glacier Highway) in Juneau, Alaska!

This event is for high school seniors and by appointment only. Caps with tassels and gowns from all Juneau high schools will be provided for the portraits. Don’t miss this great opportunity and book your appointment today!

For more information, email .
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