November 11, 2021

The Institute for Spiritual Development
Oneonta Chapter
A Metaphysical Church and School for Spiritual Development
“Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country's cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause.”
― Abraham Lincoln

Our next
Metaphysical Service
will be on Sunday November 21st at 10am on Zoom.
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What's Happening at ISD Oneonta?

  • Tonight, Thursday November 11th, 5:30pm-7pm is the second part of our 3 part series Past Life Regression with our own Rev. Story Ducey. Full details below under Adult Education.
  • This series counts as an elective for our Healing Certification Program. Find details on the Healing Certification Program Here

  • Stay tuned to the newsletter for an exciting announcement about our 2022 Intuitive Practitioner Program....coming soon!

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Some Oneonta news from your pastor...

ISD Oneonta belongs to the Oneonta Interfaith Network, under the direction of Cynthia L. Walton-Leavitt (Rev. Dr.) of the Red Door Presbyterian Church.
The interfaith community occasionally has projects that request our support and to get the word out. The Thanksgiving Community Dinner is one of these collaborative efforts.
If you would like to lend a hand to help people who are going through difficult times, The Oneonta Thanksgiving Community Dinner will be preparing 800 meals to feed our neighbors on Thanksgiving Day, and is now seeking volunteers and monetary donations. Click on this flyer for details.

Other good news in this email from Rev. Cynthia to the Hunger Coalition about the successful completion of the Warming Station Project at Main St. in Oneonta: 
"The Warming Station was opened yesterday at 189 Main St., with a gathering of three new staff members and returning supervisor Cindy King, Tracey Martindale and Lynn Glueckert from Catholic Charities, Ken Zulkosky and Tim Sheesley from Main St. Baptist, and me. After sharing encounters in recent days with people who may benefit from coming to the Warming Station and highlighting those who were helped last season – Tim and Ken closed our time together with prayer for the staff, guests who come through the doors, and all those who are working to make the warming station possible. You know who you are – thank you.” 
They are open 7 days a week between 5:30 pm and 7:30 am- people can stop in and get shelter from the cold, get something to eat, and even stay overnight. Breakfast Snacks, Ramen noodle soup, and many, many more items are needed for this very worthy project. More info about giving donations, volunteering, and further info about the Warming Station can be found on Facebook here:

Much Love, Rev. Diana
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Adult Education

Thursday November 4th, Thursday November 11th, and Thursday November 18th 5:30-7pm
Reincarnation and Past Life Regression with Rev. Story Ducey
Ever felt this has happened before, Deja Vu? Rev. Story Ducey, Academic Philosopher, 35 year Teacher of metaphysics, and Medium takes us on a journey to discover past lives that have created patterns of behavior & prompted choices that still affect our lives today. This is a three class series that examines our soul's curriculum. Gain insights, join the fun! This course is open to all, and also counts as an elective for the Healing Certification Program and the Intuitive Practitioner Program.
Join us during the week for our open Online Development circles for anyone looking to further their spiritual and intuitive growth!
Join one/two/or join them all!
Take your pick. We have meditation and messaging or 'dream weaving'....please join us and tap into your own spiritual connection

Suggested Donation for these circles is $10 Please click below to make a donation to ISD and note what circle the donation is for
Weekly Circles:

7-8:30pm EST

Oracle Circle

With Story Ducey. These experimental circles will focus on deep meditation for healing and renewal and seeking guidance, teachings and home work from Spirit.
Click below for additional information:
email interest and to get the Zoom
2:30pm-4pm EST

Learning & Psychic Development Circle

With Renee Ranke. These experiential intuitive development circles are designed to be a place to step away from the weight of the everyday world.
Click below for additional information and the Zoom link
email interest or
5:30-6:30 pm EST

Wise Wednesday Meditation and Intuitive Development Circle

Facebook Live meditation and Zoom intuitive development circle with our own pastor and co-director, Rev. Diana Friedell
Click below for additional information:
RSVP to Diana
10-11:30am EST

Dream Message Circle

With Rev. Story Lucile Ducey. This circle is dedicated to receiving, recording and discussing the messages many of us are receiving in our ‘night school journeys.’
Click below for additional details
RSVP to Story
Monthly Circles:

3rd Thursdays
7-8 pm EST
Next circle is Thursday November 18th
Path of the Magdalene Meditation Sessions
Path of the Magdalene Meditation sessions are an opportunity to join together monthly to activate the healing frequencies of Mary Magdalene in your own life.
Click below for additional information
RSVP to Dale to receive the Zoom Link
4th Tuesdays
6-7:30 pm EST
Next circle Tuesday November 23rd
Allowing Abundance
This circle, facilitated by Elke Saal, will meet monthly on the fourth Tuesday of the month.
Based on the Abraham Hicks teachings and using principles of intention we will deepen our understanding of allowing abundance into our lives.
Check out our November 2021 events calendar on for upcoming events and remember to like and follow us on Facebook to see our events posted there.
Many Soldiers by Edgar Lee Masters

The idea danced before us as a flag;
The sound of martial music;
The thrill of carrying a gun;
Advancement in the world on coming home;
A glint of glory, wrath for foes;
A dream of duty to country or to God.
But these were things in ourselves, shining before us,
They were not the power behind us,
Which was the Almighty hand of Life,
Like fire at earth's center making mountains,
Or pent up waters that cut them through.
Do you remember the iron band
The blacksmith, Shack Dye, welded
Around the oak on Bennet's lawn,
From which to swing a hammock,
That daughter Janet might repose in, reading
On summer afternoons?
And that the growing tree at last
Sundered the iron band?
But not a cell in all the tree
Knew aught save that it thrilled with life,
Nor cared because the hammock fell
In the dust with Milton's poems.

Our Weekly Astrological Forecast

Connie’s Celestial Conversations


The next Eclipse season is almost upon us. It will begin on Nov,19th. Specifics on that will come next week. This week we focus on kindness. Saturday 11/13/21 is National Kindness Day.

The following is a transmission I received from the COSMIC COUNCIL in 2013. I have never shown it to anyone, but I think the time has come to pass on the words, unedited, just as they first came to me.. They seem very appropriate for these days we find ourselves living through.

"Please view your creations as a species with love. You, collectively do the best you can in each given ‘now moment’. Celebrate that!

Please try to take each next step without judgement, and especially without hostility, toward previous creations as this will inhibit and slow down the next creation.

MASTERS, this is not easy to do. We know that. Each of you was sent because it was believed that no other god spark was as well suited to the task as you. You have heard these words before.

There is now something else we would like to tell you. You were chosen among many for more than just your bravery. You were also chosen for your KINDNESS.

Remember, this experiment was thought to be impossible. Never has a planet ascended with the population on the surface able to survive. You succeeded because you are courageous- and kind. Humanity is living through unprecedented difficulties. Not only are you clearing eons of Earth based challenges. Just for good measure, some unsolved problems from other planets have been added to your palette as well!

MASTERS, you are painting ‘masterpieces’. That wording is not coincidental, for the pictures you are painting with your lives are breathtaking. The sacred scribes who are recording the akashic records of your lives are gasping with delight and grinning ear to ear. (For now we want you to think of us as having forms similar to yours because we want communion with you.)

As each of you chooses anew again and again, you will be performing a sacred dance with others who will, inevitably, choose a different expression. Many times there will be creations you deem as no longer the best choice. That is when you will be tempted into judgement and hostility. Please try to avoid this as it is truly only the opposite side of the duality coin.

You will achieve the communion and unity you are striving toward. It will come with much more ease and grace if you can avoid shaking fists and judgmental thoughts. An acknowledging nod and an extended helping hand will be amazingly effective.

Trust yourselves and each other. Even though you feel fear, you are truly very courageous. Even when your perceptions are of cruelty, we ask you to look again, because there is a multitude of love and kindness amongst you. You are very beautiful beings and, in the months and years ahead this will become apparent.

Trust us to be there for you. We love you and we support you, ALWAYS! "
And the Good News Is!!!!!

  • “It’s amazing what a country can do when people are united". Sage advice from Julia Parsons, 100 years young, a WWII Navy Codebreaker. The wisdom of heroes. This NY Post article provides words of wisdom from thirteen WWII veterans. Read the stories of these warriors along with the advice they give to the younger generation. 

  • What is Veterans Day? This article says that this is actually a question from the Naturalization Test that immigrants must pass to become United States citizens. So those of us who are citizens should probably know the answer! Check out the article that tells us about the history of Veterans Day and when it became a US holiday.
  • Have you ever heard of the “Anomaly Surveillance and Resolution Office”? No? Well it doesn’t exist yet, but it could if Sen. Gillibrand’s proposed legislation, a historic UFO-related amendment to the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), is passed. The proposed legislation would fundamentally transform the government's approach to the UFO phenomenon. Check out the MSN article Here

Do you or someone you know need some assistance with mental health issues or coping. Here is a link to the US Department of Health & Human Services that will provide you with resources and tools to help deal with the stress.

Did you know that there are SEVEN ISD chapters?
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Now there are also chapters in Madison NJ, Washington DC, Sarasota Fla, Treasure Cost Fla, Middle Tennessee, and of course....right here in Oneonta NY.

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Got Bottles & Cans to return?

ISD has a CLYNK account at Hannaford in Oneonta. 

Good News!!!

Returning Deposit Bottles to Hannaford:
Our CLYNK Account now has $239, and is growing, with the addition of about 20 bags of returnables donated by Pat Robinson.
Have you got some returnable cans and bottles to turn in ?
Its a nice way to make progress on your clean-up projects, and help the environment out by re-cycling, and benefitting ISD Oneonta!
Many thanks to Tom Landon and Diana Friedell, who delivered & tagged all of those hundreds of items to Hannaford for credit.
If you would like info about the CLYNK project, and want to get the right tags for your bags, please reach out to Diana Friedell at
Just a reminder that we are continuing our Prayer Warriors group, every day at 5pm we pause to pray and send our healing energies where they are most needed right now

Each day at 5 PM EST, we will pause for about 10 minutes and meditate and pray with the intention of sending healing energy to all.
You do not have to be present each day. Requests for healing or suggestions should be submitted to our Healing Program director, Jo Ann Wormuth at the below ISD website link:

What is the Institute for Spiritual Development?
It's both a metaphysical church and an educational center originally founded 40 yrs ago in Sparta, NJ. With the belief that all paths lead us Home, ISD is dedicated to helping each spirit walk their path with courage and joy.
We stand for each individual’s right to seek their own personal Truth, as they respect the same right for others. We honor the sacred texts of all traditions of the Light.

The Oneonta NY chapter of ISD was Lovingly created by Rev. Diana Friedell & her sister Rev. Sue Landon. We are now led by a powerful leadership team, and executive board.

ISD is a spiritual community that focuses on healing and intuitive connection, and the joy of finding the spirit connection within rather than being told how it should or could be experienced.
We welcome those who want to belong to a spiritual group of like-minded people, in which you can explore and find your own path in a community of love and support.

There are classes, services, events, and a sense of community and fellowship. Energy healing and intuitive messages are delivered as a regular part of the worship service. Classes offer many tools which will help you on your life path, and the community we are creating together is one of openness and acceptance, and the ability to adapt with change and growth.
Welcome Home!!!
We could use your help. If you would like to volunteer to help with our Metaphysical Library, event planning, service planning, website, office tasks, or anything else- Just call or email! Diana!
ISD Oneonta Board of Directors
Shown left to right, Kimberly Winsor, Rev. Amanda Hoover
Kimberly Winsor - President
Sali Dellysse - Treasurer
Susan Owens - Secretary
Tom Landon - Trustee
Maggie Kilbride - Trustee
Story Ducey - Trustee
Melissa Stagnaro - Trustee
Renee Ranke -ex officio
Amanda Hoover - ex officio
Diana Friedell - ex officio

Our ISD Leadership
Shown left to right, Rev. Diana Friedell, Rev. Story Ducey
Diana Friedell - Pastor
Amanda Hoover - Co-Director
Story Lucile Ducey,
Adult Education/Programming Chair
Ministry Training Program
Renee Ranke – Co-Director, Adult Education/Programming Co-Chair
& Newsletter Editor
JoAnn Wormuth Director of Healing

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