Happy Black Doll Affair Day! 2007, The Black Dolls' set out on a mission to change the way black girls are perceived and, more importantly, perceive themselves. Today reminds us that The Black Doll Affair self-esteem movement achieved so much more than that. We touched souls. Honorable and praise worthy, it's been 12 years of The Black Doll Affair - to begin reversing doll tests results where children identified the black doll as bad, ugly and least preferred, I intended it to be a one-time Christmas party. 12 years later, due to our Dolling service to humanity, "In the same neighborhood that raised Dr. King" [as our City of Atlanta proclamation plaque reads], by recommendations made by our Honorary Black Doll Queen, Porcelain Dolls @Senatornanorrock, and @Mhdkaiser, with Honorary Black Doll Brotha @kwanzahall, today is the day hue stand honored by, Mayor Sonny Perdue and Congressman John Lewis, the State of Georgia and the City of Atlanta with 'Proclamation Black Doll Affair Day in Atlanta, Georgia! Therefore, "In the same neighborhood that raised Dr. King", to every Black Doll (past and present,) Black Doll Brotha, Porcelain Pal, honorary member, celebrity, donor, supporter, sponsor, family member, friend and fan that joins me in this movement and said "YES WE CAN", THANK YOU! I am honored to spell my name: B.L.A.C.K. D.O.L.L.

Happy Black Doll Affair Day in Georgia, everyDolly! 
🖤, Mama Doll #1212
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