To CHANGE my Life …
To experience a change from inadequacies, unworthiness, from pride, anger, despair, appetite or whatever—we must be all in—not partially but ALL in to do Christ’s will. Psalms 55:19. I go to the kitchen to find something to temp me to eat it. My eyes fix on some dainty that meets my fancy. A still small voice speaks to my mind (not audibly) but a thought, “You asked me to help you not eat tonight.” This is the voice of God giving me a way of escape.
Mentally I know, just eating is what I really want. I don’t need it! Since I didn’t make a firm decision to do what I know is right my flesh, takes the next step and imagines that dainty in my mouth, my habit draws me strongly to give in and eat it. This is the pull of our habits and flesh—they speak loudly—I’m inclined and desirous. I know what is best and right to do—but that is only an intellectual ascent. In order for God to subdue my flesh, give me self-control at this time, I must choose to DO God’s will. I must be all in. I must choose to walk away—go for a walk and talk with God until He can subdue my fleshly desires. I give them to Him. He takes them when I let them go and then directs my feet in another path! An escape route.
If He asks me to call a friend, to write a letter, to work in the garden—I must DO His will. I say no to my flesh by saying “Yes” to God and doing whatever it is He asks me to do. John 2:5 This is dying to self and living for God. We can only do this when we are In Christ and He empowers us to do right. We can only come to KNOW Christ by personally experiencing Him working in us and changing our nature as we cooperate. My desire for that dainty, fades away to nothingness. This changing power is only found when I’m in Christ.
This is our life’s purpose to KNOW Christ and to be Redeemed by Christ. We must choose to allow Him to rule our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and habits. When we say “Yes” to God we are saying no to our flesh. We like Paul can, “Reveal Christ in me”. Galatians 1:16. Our free will choice can choose Christ to Rule in me, that I no longer have to obey my compelling fleshly ways! Freedom from Self’s Rule through Christ is our Life’s Purpose and Calling! Won’t you take the next step to Him?
In His Strength,
Jim & Sally Hohnberger
Empowered Living Ministry
Empowered Living MInistries
Jim & Sally Hohnberger
Empowered Living Ministries