"To God what belongs to God”

“The greatest grace God can give someone is to send them a trial they cannot bear with their own powers … and then sustain them with His grace so they may endure to the end and be saved.” - St. Justin, Martyr


Loving and merciful Father, we ask for Your grace that we may always “greatly delight in your commands” with a “heart that is firm and trusting” in you.

Lord, we are weak, and even though the desire to do what is right and pleasing to you resides in our hearts, too often we fail and fall short.

Lord, we ask you to reign in our heart and soul and in the world around us, that our hearts may be steadfast in loving you and our sisters and brothers, especially those most in need.

May we turn away from every sinful and evil inclination and commit our lives totally and completely to you, to give to you God, what belongs to you, through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord.


Fr. Vidal Martinez, OSM
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Daily Mass

12 noon in the Chapel of Mary
Daily Recitation of the Rosary

Daily recitation of the Rosary at The Grotto will take place everyday, one half hour before each Mass.
Priest's Office Hours

Monday - Saturday
10 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

The Servite Friars gladly await your request for confession, spiritual guidance and blessing of articles. You may also set up an appointment for a blessing with the relic of St. Peregrine. The office is located at the Visitor Center. Masks required.
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Click on the video and take a moment to relax and experience the serenity of the sanctuary.

Today, view the beautiful Stations of the Cross path, located on the lower level at The Grotto, which is free to all throughout the year.

Join Fr. Vidal Martinez, OSM, Rector of The Grotto, for a daily stroll through the garden.

Each day, enjoy photos and videos taken by Father Vidal, often during hours when the grounds are closed.

Today, the Rose Garden is coming to life. You can find this garden in the Upper Gardens, in front of the Monastery of Our Sorrowful Mother.

Remembering a year ago:
Bringing The Grotto to You

One year ago, in response to the growing pandemic, we began a series of daily emails called "A Place of Sanctuary: Bringing The Grotto to You." We closed completely a short time later, and that closure lasted for months.

The "Bringing The Grotto to You" series highlighted a feature at (or about) The Grotto each day. The series lasted for 88 days, the length of our closure.

We hope you enjoy this feature, "Looking Back", where we will share a piece of those emails every day for 88 days. Click the link below to view today's feature, which was originally shared this time last year.

The Servite Friars (from left to right)

Father Vidal Martinez, OSM, Rector: FatherVidal@thegrotto.org
Father Ignatius Kissel, OSM: FatherIgnatius@thegrotto.org
Father Leo Hambur, OSM: FatherLeo@thegrotto.org
Father Edgar Benedi-an, OSM: FatherEdgar@thegrotto.org
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