Last week we wrote about the unseasonably warm weather we are having this winter. As said, the season is at least a month ahead of normal, squeezing our schedule and challenging our ability to finish our winter priorities before transitioning to spring. Lawns are growing, weeds are sprouting, and plants are beginning to bud out. It is tempting to start to mow but once we start, it can consume our staff's time and keep us from completing our winter pruning and bed preparation needed prior to pre-emergence weed control application. With warm weather, weeds are germinating and we need to prioritize pre-emergence application to keep weeds under control this spring.
In addition to holding off mowing to help complete these other winter maintenance priorities, mowing in this type of weather is a natural stimulus to the grass plants to come out of dormancy. While grass is beginning to grow with the unseasonably warm weather, mowing will speed up its growth, requiring more frequent mowing in the coming weeks.  Without mowing it will continue to grow slowly, but once mowed, it will grow 3-4 times faster. 
In addition, it may be dry now but many lawns are still soft and mowing can cause damage as shown in the pictures above. Also, the dry weather will not likely last and if we stimulate the lawns with mowing too early, our normal wet late winters can be challenging to mow in with longer grass.  

We hope you understand and will be mowing those projects that get the longest soonest and will also mow upon request if a client has a special situation or request. Spring is near and we are working diligently to get our winter work complete to help your landscape have a good spring and summer.    .

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