To Our Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Fellow Abaconians:

Like all of you, we are simply devastated by the catastrophic damage and destruction left behind by Hurricane Dorian. As we watched it approach, we had all hoped and prayed that the storm would somehow weaken and/or turn just enough that Abaco wouldn’t be in the direct path of such a slow moving Cat 5 beast of a storm.  We knew it would be bad, but nothing could have prepared us for this, not even the many storms we have all withstood in the past.   

Clearly, we have only just begun to assess the damage, but that very difficult task begins today, from sunrise to sunset, island by island.  We know that there will still be many days of worry and many tears to shed, but with each story of a loved one located, a cherished memory pulled from the rubble, a helping hand on our shoulders, from near and far, we will regain our strength. 

We assure you that we are deeply committed to and invested in the greater community of Abaco, where we have spent most of our lives building our home and business in one of the world’s most beautiful island nations.  We know that the people of the Bahamas are amazingly hardworking and resilient.  With the grace of God and the help of others, we will work together to rebuild our homes, our businesses and most importantly, our lives. 

The sails must be raised in our hearts, before they can ever be raised on the masts of our boats. Please know that we will do all we can to help our friends, neighbors and greater Abaco Family.

With our love and prayers always,
Mark and Patti Gonsalves – Proud Owners of Cruise Abaco

Cruise Abaco

****We are dedicated to helping Abaco and the Bahamas. Any go fund me account created for Cruise Abaco was NOT created by the owners of Cruise Abaco (Mark & Patti). We will have more information for donations and relief efforts to follow. ****