May 2022/Issue XXXII
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 May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

West Central Behavioral Health and AVA Gallery and Art Center collaborate to celebrate May as National Mental Health Awareness Month with an art show through May 21st that wraps up its final weekend with a community poetry reading and reception on:

The art exhibit and poetry reading share the title, "The Thing with Feathers" from Emily Dickinson's "Hope" poem. The theme for both exhibit and reading is: "Hope; what brings you light and lifts you up?"

Please join us to support Mental Health Awareness in our community!

Thank you to our Event Sponsors
Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation

Mt. Roeschmore Foundation

Doug & Leslie Williamson

Article: Neuroaesthetics and Our Mental Health

Did you know that art can elevate our mood and increase production of feel-good brain chemicals? As we celebrate National Mental Health Awareness Month, West Central's Dave Celone, Nancy Nowell and Diane Roston explain how neuroaesthetic research shows that art in all its forms helps relieve stress, anxiety, trauma, and depression. You can visit the AVA Gallery today to engage in an artistic experience to positively impact your mental well being. And, don't forget to join us on Saturday, May 14th at AVA Gallery for the art reception and poetry reading!

Artwork: Edge of the Pond, Sharon, Vermont, oil on wood panel by Henry Isaacs. Henry recently donated several limited edition prints to West Central.
Language Matters in Avoiding Stigma

Words are powerful. While talking about mental health on a more regular basis can help reduce stigma, it is important to be aware of the words we use in our conversations. 
The use of stigmatizing language around mental health issues can feed into negative stereotypes leading to people being too embarrassed or ashamed to discuss their symptoms. Your choice of words can help break misconceptions and remove barriers to treatment. This Mental Health First Aid article offers insight on how to incorporate inclusive language by using person-first language and putting the focus on the individual, not their diagnosis or disorder.
Here at West Central
Youth CAN Coalition

The Youth CAN Coalition's efforts are relevant, timely, and crucial to helping prevent our children from falling into a cycle of substance use that might last a lifetime. Research now shows that multiple symptoms of substance use at age 18 point to elevated risk in substance use disorder up to age 50. This National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) article offers more details.

The Youth CAN Coalition, a Drug Free Communities program strengthens and expands community partnerships to prevent and reduce substance misuse among youth in Claremont and Newport.

Click Here to visit and Like the "Youth CAN 603" Facebook page.
Giving to The Upper Valley Haven
We're excited to accept food and non-food donations from our employees at our Rivermill location in Lebanon during Mental Health Awareness Month of May to help The Upper Valley Haven provide for its clients. This virtuous circle of giving is our way of thanking The Haven for all the help it has given our clients over the years, and for all the good it continues to do to help people in our region with food, shelter, and compassionate care. Thank you, Upper Valley Haven, from all of us at West Central! And our many thanks to West Central's Sarah Klaneski and Anne Goodrich, Adult Care Coordinator and Community Support Services Supervisor, for developing and organizing this month-long, Mental Health Awareness Month donation drive. 
Congratulations to West Central Staff with April
5-Year Milestone Anniversaries!
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If you have an interest in helping others who truly need help, there's no more gratifying and meaningful work than in community behavioral health. Click Here for our Careers web page to find your next professional step that will make a world of difference for others, and you'll feel good about your work!

Watch this Video to learn more about how West Central clinicians and staff help their clients thrive.
In the Community
Mark Your Calendars!

Join West Central Behavioral Health in partnership with the Upper Valley Business Alliance, the NH Community Behavioral Health Association (CBHA) and its' ten community mental health centers along with their respective chambers, for the presentation "The 4 Pillars of Creating and Sustaining a Mentally Healthy Workplace Culture" facilitated by Kim LaMontagne, President & CEO of Kim LaMontagne, LLC. Kim is an international speaker, corporate trainer, and author who teaches business leaders to create a "culture of safety" in the workplace. A culture of safety is one where everyone feels safe speaking openly about mental health without fear of judgment, retribution, or job loss. This free webinar is offered in recognition of May as Mental Health Awareness Month. Click HERE to register.

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