September 2020
Giving Heals Many
We've worked hard in recent months to identify the needs in our community among them, food is a constant struggle. Now, we're dedicating our time to helping solve hunger in more ways than one.

The Many Barriers to Food
We often think of hunger as a distant worry, when in actuality, it already affects thousands of households within our community. Our Welcome Center resource specialist Katie has all the details.
The Importance of Nutrition & Healthy Eating
Food does more than just fill empty bellies it provides a sound foundation upon which other good things can flourish, including mental health.

Client First, Employment Second
What exactly is food insecurity, and how does it relate to employment? Our Employment Services specialist takes you through the process of feeding our neighbors in need and lifting them to the dignity of self-reliance.
The Many Options for Veterans
Veterans can encounter a variety of obstacles while navigating civilian life, especially when burdened with a disability. Our Veteran Services team ensures no veteran goes without help.
Take this video as a sweet reminder to cherish your loved ones and appreciate all that makes us human.
Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph has several opportunities for employment. 

At Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph, we're always searching for employees who seek to share their God-given talents and open their hearts to those less fortunate. We currently have several positions available to candidates with a passion for our mission “To Serve & To Lift.”

To view open positions or apply, visit For more information, contact Lynn Lichte, Human Resource Manager, at or (816) 659-8220.

BONUS: CCKCSJ works on a compressed work week
(Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM, with Fridays off!)

Program Manager, Children & Family Services (Full Time) Kansas City, MO
Position Objective — This position provides oversight of the daily operations of the Children and Family department by working with staff to accomplish program goals. Preferably a licensed master social worker with adoption experience. (Click here for more information)

Family Development Specialist (Full Time) Kansas City or St. Joseph, MO
Position Objective — This position seeks to assist families through comprehensive case management and parenting education. Services focus on aiding parents in the healthy development of their children through education, developmental assessments of children, goal setting and attainment, as well as assistance meeting their immediate needs. Must have a bachelor's in social work or related field. (Click here for more information)

Healthcare Navigator, Veteran Services (Full Time) Kansas City, MO
Position Objective — The SSVF Health Care Navigators provide services that include connecting Veterans to VA health care benefits or community health care services. This candidate provides case management and care coordination, health education, interdisciplinary collaboration, coordination and consultation, and administrative duties. Bachelor's in social work preferred. (Click here for more information)

Facility Housekeeper (Part Time) St. Joseph, MO
Position Objective — This is an on-call, up to 10 hours per week position cleaning our Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph facility located at 1123 S. 10th Street, St. Joseph, MO 641503. (Click here for more information)
4001 Blue Parkway, Suite 250 Kansas City, MO 64130 816.221.4377
1123 S. 10th St. St. Joseph, MO 64503 816.232.2885