All I need to know I learned in Catholic school
This week is National Catholic Schools Week. As I reflect on my education, I am grateful to have attended Catholic schools, where I learned the principles I continue to serve today: Every person is precious, and people are more important than things .
Five good reasons for you to give
Every day, mothers like Julia come to the Welcome Center, holding the hand of a shy toddler or carrying an infant in a carrier seat. Despite her best efforts, she just can’t keep up with her bills - rent, utilities, food, infant formula and diapers. Thanks to you, we’re able to help through the Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance Fund. Here are the top five reasons to support CCEAF.
Could you walk a mile in the shoes of the needy?
This short journey in the shoes of many low-income families in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program could make you see their pain in a new perspective. Take a short walk with Children and Family Services Director Ashley Dooley Wohlgemuth .
Understanding the real unemployment rate
Did you see the recent headlines boasting the 7.6 percent unemployment rate? Probably not, because almost every media outlet in the United States has reported a record low unemployment rate of 3.9 percent. How can both those numbers be true? Employment Services' Kathy Ficcadenti breaks down the statistics for you.
Why homelessness hits veterans doubly hard
Asking for help is often accompanied by a sense of shame, guilt, and eroded self-confidence. Now, consider what it’s like to ask for help for a veteran. Conditioning in perseverance, resilience, strength and devotion to service of others often comes crashing down when veterans are forced by circumstance to become the helped.
The radical lesson Netflix can teach the young...and us all
Take a lesson from the Netflix generation, advises Harvard law student and motivational entrepreneur Pete Davis, and stop scrolling mindlessly through the beauty of life that surrounds us all. When every open option becomes no option at all, the real radical act is to submit to control by something big, and real, and worthy of love.
Are you the part of Catholic Charities we've been missing?
At Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph we’re searching for some heavenly help; angelic job candidates who not only meet the professional requirements we’re seeking but also eagerly respond, “Here I am Lord, send me…into the battle to help feed, clothe, comfort, instruct & counsel my brothers and sisters in need."

This is the work we undertake every day at Catholic Charities. Won’t you join our ranks?

AmeriCorps Peer Navigator (Full-Time)
Work directly with veteran clients in identifying barriers to self-sufficiency. Must either be a veteran or related to a veteran ( Click here for more information)
Nine months ago, Cinthia jumped at the chance to join the only AmeriCorps program specifically supporting veterans in the greater Kansas City area. As an AmeriCorps peer navigator for Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph, she takes immense pride in the fact that if she can’t directly assist a veteran, she can draw upon the wealth of partnering resources she knows of to help.
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