MARCH 2019
St. Joseph makes the perfect role model
Helper to Mary, adoptive father, protector of women and children, St. Joseph epitomizes our call to serve here at Catholic Charities of Kansas City - St. Josephy. Here's why.
A celebration of social workers
March is recognized and celebrated here in our offices as Social Work Month. Thank you to all of our social workers and staff who work diligently to ensure our clients' needs are met, and thank you to all the social service agencies, nonprofits, and community collaborative partners who provide much-needed services to our community.
Five good ways to prevent child abuse
They are called Protective Factors, and they serve as safeguards, helping parents who might be at risk of abusing their children to instead find resources, support, and coping strategies to parent effectively even under stress. These five steps can help ensure children are protected and families are well-functioning.
Should we view employment as a health issue?
Occupation is a key dimension of wellness. Your job affects your attitude, and this ripples through other dimensions of wellness, such as emotional, spiritual, social and even physical. If you’ve ever had a bad job, you know exactly how employment reverberates into other parts of your life.
How our Neighborhoods of Hope benefits the community
As our new program wraps up construction on its first two homes, its benefit to the neighborhood seems unquestionable, breathing new life into a community by converting a vacant, corner lot. But would the investment be better used if it were spread out among numerous people rather than directed towards one family or individual? Consider the numerous ways this ground-breaking program helps far beyond the one home.
How to keep your perspective amid all of life's madness
Any event branded using the term "madness" surely doesn't lend itself to maintaining perspective. But Virginia Cavaliers men's basketball head coach Tony Bennett greeted his entry into this year's March Madness final four Saturday by quoting advice his father taught him nearly two decades ago, when he as head coach had also just beaten the same school to also go to the NCAA men's basketball tournament final four: Only when you remember what truly matters does it enable you to enjoy the things that only seem to matter. Take a few minutes to enjoy coach Bennett's grounding words.

Could your career stand a springtime fresh beginning?
If your career has you feeling as if the long, dark winter will never end, consider a refreshing change of course this spring. At Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph we’re always searching for workers seeking their own new season to rejoice and to blossom in God's work. This is the work we undertake every day at Catholic Charities. Won’t you come help us?

Strategic Donor Specialist
Be responsible for generating funds to support the work of Catholic Charities, and maintain productive relationships ( Click here for more information)

Community Housing Program Manager (St. Joseph, MO)
Provide ongoing supervision and overall management of the Community Housing program and staff ( Click here for more information)

SSVF Housing Locator & Outreach Specialist
Providing outreach services and housing resources to the communities served by Catholic Charities for the Veteran Family Housing Program ( Click here for more information)

Family Development Specialist (Part-time)
Assist families through comprehensive case management and parenting education ( Click here for more information)

Workforce Development Specialist (Part-time, St. Joseph, MO)
Provide employment assistance to individuals and families to achieve economic stability and security ( Click here for more information)

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