To Succeed in 2019, Make These 6 Changes
to Your Organization Immediately

Marty McCarthy, CPA, CCIFP
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February 4, 2019

"Inspirational messages are important -- but there will be no significant impact until leaders
have a strategy for how they bring teams together and make great decisions." -- It's the Manager

Gallup is about to launch its new book entitled It's the Manager .” The book is based on the findings of their largest global study of the future of the workforce. Gallup found that the quality of managers and team leaders is the single biggest factor in your organizations long-term success.
While workplaces are experiencing extraordinary disruption, how leaders train and develop their managers has been stuck in time for decades. Management must adapt to today’s changing work environment.
Gallup has found six changes that organizations need to make immediately to form a strategy that addresses the needs of a shifting workforce. These are the six biggest changes that Gallup discovered:

1.      Millennials and Generation Z don't just work for a paycheck -- they want a purpose.
2.      Millennials and Generation Z are no longer pursuing job satisfaction -- they are pursuing development.
3.      Millennials and Generation Z don't want bosses -- they want coaches.
4.      Millennials and Generation Z don't want annual reviews -- they want ongoing conversations.
5.      Millennials and Generation Z don't want a manager who fixates on their weaknesses.
6.       It's not my job -- it's my life.

One of Gallup's discoveries is that what everyone in the world wants is a good job. This is especially true for millennials and Generation Z. More so than ever in the history of corporate culture, employees are asking, 'Does this organization value my strengths and my contribution? Does this organization give me the chance to do what I do best every day?' It’s a shift in mindset that can produce profound results.

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Martin C. McCarthy, CPA, CCIFP
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