To be first

This is not the case among you. If anyone wants to be great among you, let him be your servant. - Mark 10:43

Most people know that I love playing soccer. Often in games with friends, I want to be a “star.” Indeed, this is what those who consider themselves experts in a certain sport are usually pursuing. In every match they certainly hope to be number one, because it is a matter of pride. We certainly realize that as human beings; we love competition very much and always try to be the first. Sometimes we fail to understand that it takes process and time to be the first, and many want to get there with a shortcut.

Talking about being the first, have we ever realized that it turns out that the Lord Jesus wants other things for us in living life? We can see it in the gospel today with the request of the children of Zebedee that the Lord Jesus share the glory with them. For us, glory is when we become the main character, but that is not glory to Jesus. The main thing that must be achieved is to be a servant. I personally feel rebuked and reminded again that my position in the church is an invitation to be a servant - to serve people so that they can worship and grow in faith and hope. Do I think about my accomplishments as a service for God? Oftentimes, we praise ourselves for our accomplishments and forget to praise God who has everything written on His book.


May God, who calls us to serve, help us to recognize that our strength comes from him. May we understand that God will call us his friends if we truly do what he commands us to do. And through our service to our fellow human beings, may we bear fruit abundantly for the Kingdom of God.


Fr. Leo Hambur, OSM
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