Honoring two courageous men, 
who served their country and saved my world. 

My Dad was an excellent typist and his first military assignment was to General DeWitt in the 4th Army Western Defense Command which soon after became part of the 9th Army. He was reassigned to General Simpson and as the General's personal assistant, Dad sat in on meetings that included Winston Churchill and Field Marshall Montgomery. One week after Omaha Beach, Dad was sent ahead to locate and establish field headquarters for Simpson throughout Europe. This is a picture taken of my dad in Maastricht, Holland in November, 1944. The final HQ location Dad set up fo r the General was in Braunshweig, Germany, the very same building that had housed the headquarters of soon-to-be condemned war criminal Hermann Goering -  Commander of the Luftwaffe, President of the Reichstag, 
Prime Minister of Prussia and  Hitler's  designated successor. 
My grandmother immigrated from Poland when she was sixteen. Although Babci never had more than a few years of schooling, she intuitively understood that education would be her children's golden ticket to a richer life in the US. She encouraged her oldest son, Thaddeus, to apply to West Point. Incredibly, this son of a Polish immigrant was accepted, graduated with honors and eventually promoted to the rank of Colonel. Uncle Thad not only participated in D-Day, but was also an instrumental member of the 38th Engineers, the men who constructed and successfully completed the airstrip on Ascension Island which played a critical role in the destruction of the Nazis. Pictured are my Uncle Thad and his wife, Jean in 1942.  


Mary Ellen Graham, Marketing Director