Update #4 - February 19, 2020 | 58 days until Wine Fest
Wine Fest Fort Collins will be here before you know it.
Wine Wisdom
Have you always heard red with steak, white with chicken and so on? Do you feel that's right? Do you want to break the rules? Wine Enthusiast tells us that 'It’s about time we let loose on the glorious bounty of foods and beverages available to us.' We need to explore and have some fun with food and drink! Check out their article and some others. Cheers!

Do you do a wine-food pairing that's non-traditional? Let us know!
New This Year
Your emcees at Wine Fest Fort Collins will be the morning show hosts from Big 97.9, Scott and Sadie .
Friday, April 17th | 6-10 PM | Hilton Fort Collins

Tickets are available at winefestfc.org or by calling 970-482-2700
(group discount for six or more)
processing fee included in all ticket prices
Cheers to Our Sponsors
It doesn't take much time to see the amazing deeds Disabled Resource Services provides to Northern Colorado. They work closely with many people and help them through very difficult times and help reset their lives. It's been my honor to be a donor to this organization for many years. They are truly an example of the best we should try to be and have mastered the art of paying it forward.
As an honor to the memory of my father in law, Steve Reno Kershner, and the legacy of love in his families hearts, we are honored to be a part of this incredible organization.
Pops...on April 17 (and every day) we remember you and the work you did to start Wine Fest, we love and miss you. Open up a Pinot for us upstairs.
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Why Your Support Matters
Disabled Resource Services (DRS) focuses on assisting people with all types of disabilities gain, regain or maintain their independence. We assist those with disabilities in setting and achieving goals, enhancing self-esteem, accessing resources, self-advocacy, peer support and education. We serve Larimer and Jackson counties.

To learn more, please visit our website . We value any donation you make to DRS.