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Many thanks to the NH Charitable Foundation and to the Ann deNicola Trust!  
Grant funds from both organizations helped to purchase Chromebooks for use by Breakthrough students for academic work, digital design and computer coding.
Then and Now
Kyle van Leer
BTM Teacher 2011, 2012
A Breakthrough Teacher Reminisces
Kyle van Leer taught at Breakthrough Manchester for two summers as an undergraduate at Yale University.

In His Own Words:
Sometimes, the greatest gift that teachers give to students is a belief in themselves, in their own abilities and their own potential.

In my second summer teaching at Breakthrough, I vividly recall working one-on-one with a quiet student who struggled with math. Despite daily practice, skill drills and trying her hardest, she made slow progress on mastering the ability to correctly complete one hundred multiplication problems in five minutes. Day after day, disappointment and frustration were written on her face as she fell short of the goal, and she rarely smiled. It was difficult to watch her struggle, but she persisted.

Each day I would grade her most recent attempt, and she would study my face looking for any inkling of a mistake or missed answer. I will never forget the day she achieved her goal. I looked up and smiled broadly, and I watched her face light up with joy and pride. The sense of accomplishment was visceral; her hard work and persistence had paid off not only in correct answers but also in self-belief, mutual trust and optimism. While math remained difficult, her newfound confidence was evident in her smiles and laughter in the hall and in her participation and voice in class.

For the first time, I learned on a personal level that students will push themselves to their limit, take risks and try new things when they understand just how much you care about them and when you jointly celebrate their academic and social achievements. Breakthrough's unique model of students teaching students solidified this learning for me, confirmed my interest in education and has made me a better teacher today.

Books about good teaching inevitably say that an important foundation of a teacher's work rests on their positive relationships with students. What those teaching books fail to demonstrate, however, is the massive impact such a positive relationship will leave with you, the adult. 

Come to think of it, sometimes the greatest gift that students give to teachers is a belief in themselves, in their own abilities and their own potential. 

Kyle currently teaches  mathematics to 120  seventh grade students at the  Wright Science and Technology Academy,  Chelsea Public Schools in Chelsea, Massachusetts. After graduating from Yale, Kyle subsequently earned an M.Ed. from Harvard University's Graduate School of Education.

Save the (New) Date - July 15, 2016
July 15, 2016 - The 25th Anniversary Party!
Yes, you are right - the date has changed!  We heard from you that the initial date would be difficult for people out of town as well as any BTM alums and supporters who teach.  The 25th anniversary  celebration   is now embedded in the summer session.  Save the date and plan to attend!   

Apply Now to Teach in the Summer 2016
Early Application Deadline is January 12
Breakthrough Manchester will select approximately eighteen Teaching Fellows for Summer 2016. The competitive admission process is designed to select only the best candidates to participate in our teaching fellow corps. Learn more and apply!

Ideal applicants are committed to the mission. They believe it is unconscionable that millions of hard-working students across the country are denied access to the best educational opportunities simply because they have limited resources. They believe it is their responsibility to use the opportunities they have been given to create opportunities for others. As a result, they are inspired and inspiring. They are also extremely persistent and hard-working, which is why they are academically successful and are current and future leaders.

The days at Breakthrough are demanding; the hours are long; the work is hard. But the rewards are unparalleled - teaching motivated, hard-working students who want to attend a four-year college just like their teachers; working with caring, committed, and passionate college students from across the country to close the Opportunity and Achievement Gaps for a generation of young people; and receiving personal guidance, feedback, and support from instructional coaches.  

If you're up for a summer of learning, leadership and laughter, apply to teach with us!  The regular decision application deadline is February 23, 2016 but early decision applicants (January 12) have more a favorable chance of acceptance.   Learn more and apply!
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Pipelines and Pathways
Breakthrough Manchester is a critical link in the PATHWAY for bright, limited opportunity students, and a PIPELINE for the development of the next generation of excellent teachers.  

Connect with us, so that we can better connect these pathways and pipelines for students!

Our Mission
Our Vision
All young people, regardless of circumstance, can achieve their full potential as students, teachers and leaders.

Our Mission
The dual missions of Breakthrough Manchester are to launch promising Manchester middle school students, particularly those with limited opportunities, on the path to college while inspiring high school and college students to pursue careers in education.

We do this by:
* Recruiting and selectively admitting high-potential sixth graders with limited opportunities from Manchester middle schools for a tuition-free, three-year program
* Providing three rigorous, joyful academic summers and school year supports to admitted students
* Recruiting, training, mentoring and supporting college students, and some local high-achieving high school students, as excellent teachers
* Connecting with similar programs serving Manchester high schools to create a pipeline of opportunity for Breakthrough students as they enter ninth grade
* Engaging a broad array of stakeholders in understanding, promoting, funding and championing both missions of Breakthrough. 

With thanks,

Becky Berk
Executive Director
Breakthrough Manchester