To the Intern Class of 2021!
This STA article is dedicated to the many financial services interns in the United States and Canada. Please forward to those interns working among us this summer.
Congratulations to the Intern Class of 2021!
It’s June, and that means that many college students have started a summer internship program.
For those interns in the financial services industry, we welcome you! We hope that your experience this summer inspires you to choose a career among the thousands who have gone before you and stand ready to help in whatever way we can. The excitement, and the challenges, of the U.S. and Canadian financial markets attract highly talented and bright individuals across a wide range of fields and skillsets, not limited to only those with Finance degrees.

We encourage you to make the most of your time with your respective financial institution. Ask questions, face challenges head-on, find ways to help, take on responsibilities, read often, and always remember that your presence can make a positive impact on everyone around you. 
We would also like to extend special congratulations to the 86 college students who are part of Greenwood Project’s 2021 Internship Program. Based in Chicago, but with participants nationwide, Greenwood Project introduces Black and Latinx college and high school students to careers within the financial services industry via paid summer internships, educational field trips and summer financial institutes.

We would also like to extend special congratulations to the 86 college students who are part of Greenwood Project’s 2021 Internship Program.

The founders of Greenwood Project believe that an internship not only teaches young people about a specific industry and company, but helps them succeed in their first job while setting them up for long-term career success. At STA, we could not agree more, which is just one of the many reasons we selected Greenwood Project as our Charity Partner for 2021.
For the Greenwood Project 2021 interns, their 10-week program kicked off this week on June 7. After completion of a rigorous month-long training program led by Greenwood Project mentors and tutors, these 86 interns will be placed with a financial services firm for six weeks. The combination of classroom learning with real work experience will position these candidates well for job opportunities upon their college graduation.
More information on Greenwood Project as well as STA's Student in Finance Membership can be found below. Take the time to review the material and consider becoming an a STA Student in Finance Member, which is free as long as you are enrolled as a full-time student.

We also reposted a handful of archived STA articles that we think you will find helpful in your internship, as well as provide an overview of STA.

Enjoy the reads, and best of luck to you this summer!  
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