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To the Nations!
There is no doubt in our minds that living in Florida is a great launching pad to the world!
  At the beginning of November Nate was able to do two quick trips to Costa Rica and Guatemala.  We were happy to be able to travel together and return to Costa Rica for our 3rd annual PPM Pastor's Conference!

We were thrilled to have over 80 pastors and church leaders attend in Costa Rica, and about 20 pastors for our 1st Conference in Guatemala.  God is definitely blessing our endeavor to have each of our locations supporting and encouraging our pastors through these conferences.

Nathan preached at both conferences about how Nehemiah was called to live a life without borders, and how God used him to do incredible things as he stepped out in faith.  The afternoons were filled with practical ministry ideas as well as equipping our pastors to receive mission teams from the US.

In addition to the conferences, we helped put on a staff training in each location.  We recently added new local staff to our locations and are excited to see them be the bridge between cultures.  We know that God is calling each of the staff to sacrifice more this year to see the lost saved, discipled in churches, and sent out to be the light!

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Any large move comes with unexpected costs and our move to Florida is no different.  A Year End Giving donation will help catch us up financially as we had several big expenses in the past few months as we set up our house and new life in the States.

We have strategically moved to South Florida to be able to be an asset to the world, willing to go wherever God sends us on short-term missions with Praying Pelican Missions.

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Nate & Jonathan preaching in Costa Rica
Can these kids get any cuter?
PPM Costa Rica 2019 Staff
Nate & Silver preaching in Guatemala
Nate and Silver, our full-time staff in Nicaragua/Guatemala
PPM Costa Rica Staff praying over 2019 trips
PPM Guatemala 2019 Staff
We missed our Costa Rica team so much!
We loved having Darrell with us for Thanksgiving in Florida!
From South Florida to the World, 
you're helping to make missions happen!  
Thank you for your prayer and financial support!
Nathan, Laura, Darrell (in DE) , Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah