Have you been searching for the perfect yarn to bring your knitting projects to life? Look no further than Brown Sheep Stratosphere Kettle Dyed yarn.

A 3-ply DK weight yarn, Stratosphere is available in unique kettle dyed colors that zing. Look for names like Constellation (soft teal blend) and Lunar (toned tans) and Golden Sun (green golds) as you choose colors.

With Brown Sheep's 100% super wash U. S. wool, you can create anything from cozy hats to stylish scarves, or even a beautiful sweater to keep you warm all winter long. 

Order a few different colors in Kettle Dyed so you will have yarn on hand to knit or crochet those quick scarf gifts that you know you'll need for the cooler weather ahead.

Need some ideas?

Knitters, cast on 30-35 stitches on a US #6-8 and click away doing simple garter stitch in knit every row. There's enough yardage for a medium length scarf.

Crocheters, the Kettle Dyed colors would be lovely in a double crochet scarf. Maybe try a Size G hook like an Addi Swing ergonomic hook?

Color shown above is Galaxy, which has highlights of pale blue gray mixed in with darker tone. This kettle color leans blue. Lovely!

The swatch shown above features the Foxtrot Cardigan stitch pattern. The Foxtrot Cardigan would be wonderful knit up in Stratosphere.

Skeins come with 260 yards per 100 gram skein -- that's really great yardage!

With Brown Sheep's trusted brand that features U. S. grown wool, you can be confident in the quality of your finished product. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your knitting game with Brown Sheep's DK weight yarn. Order now and experience the joy of knitting with the best yarn available!

AND remember this yarn is super wash! Awesome!

Here's another suggested pattern

for a DK weight yarn

like Stratosphere,

our popular Throwback Tee sweater.

Any of the kettle dyed colors would be wonderful in this short sleeve tee shirt sweater that's knit in a DK weight. Wear this sweater with jeans or leggings. It's a fashion basic that works well in any closet.

Throwback Tee is knit top down so you can try it on as you knit. Awesome!

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