February 2022
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To the Women of STA: 2022 Edit
by Patricia Koetzner
Siebert Williams Shank & Co., LLC &

It’s typical that around this time, the start of a new year, that we focus on the importance of service. Service within our communities, and within this great industry that we all find ourselves lucky to be a part of. But maintaining the proper balance on how we allocate our time can be tricky.

Finding enough time for family, friends and yes, I said it, self-care, is challenging. Add in volunteering within your local community or mentoring an up-and-coming junior colleague and the switch flips from challenging to overwhelming. And when that happens, volunteering and mentoring, unfortunately, finish a distant fourth and fifth — if they finish at all — to our other commitments.

In reality, though, it isn’t about finding the time but making the time. Raising funds and supporting charities are a large part of my DNA and the sense of accomplishment that results far outweighs feeling overwhelmed. I strongly encourage everyone to find a charity or organization that speaks to you. Make 2022 the year that you made a difference, no matter how large or small.

In reality, though, it isn’t about finding the time but making the time. Raising funds and supporting charities are a large part of my DNA and the sense of accomplishment that results far outweighs feeling overwhelmed. I strongly encourage everyone to find a charity or organization that speaks to you.

Dedicating your time as a volunteer or mentor also helps expand your network and boost professional and social skills. Each year, nearly 240 individuals across North America give their time to serve on an STA Affiliate Board in the U.S. and Canada. These are all volunteer positions, and all of these individuals are paying it forward in an effort to improve the financial services industry not just for today, but for generations to come. While all of these individuals deserve our appreciation, today we are recognizing an important subset of this group, the Women of STA.

More than 20% of STA Affiliate Boards are comprised of women in the financial services industry. (At the National level, 50% of the board makeup is women.) While this figure under represents the overall figures of women in finance, it is an improvement and more importantly, a large enough figure to build cultures of inclusion that promote and sustain a sense of belonging for other women across the network of STA Affiliates.

Their names, companies and STA Affiliate organizations are listed below. Take a moment to thank those you know for their service to this industry — your industry. Express your appreciation for their efforts to lead and inspire others to do the same.

We’ve referenced this quote from Winston Churchill before, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give,” but these are powerful words worth repeating, and they remind us that service to others, in whatever way you choose, comes with its own rewards. 

The best to all of you in 2022!
Beha Abasi, Scotiabank, Canada
Julie Andress, KeyBanc Capital Markets, National
Lauren Arbid, ABN Amro Clearing, Chicago
Jill Bartell, Quest Investment Management, Portland
Krissy Bernstein, Stifel Nicolaus, Mid-Atlantic
Lauren Biehl, Barclays, New York
Peggy Bowie, Canada
Andrea Brake, ATB Investment Management, Canada
Sue Buchanan, Scotiabank, Canada         
Nanette Buziak, Stuart Frankel, Connecticut
Sandy Chism, Kansas City Capital Associates, Kansas City
Brittnee Dalton, Globalt, Georgia
Danielle Dayan, ACS Execution, Chicago
Laura Delaney, Virtu Financial, Dallas
Michelle Dickson, Edge Capital Partners, Dallas
Alia Durbarry, Purpose Investments, Canada
Joanna Fields, Aplomb Strategies, New York
Regina Frate, SASCO Capital, Connecticut
Bethany Graham, Cboe Global Markets, Chicago
Linda Heuman, Fifth Third Bank, Ohio
Charlotte Hoover, Goldman Sachs, San Francisco
Lisa Jacque, BNP Paribas, San Francisco
Karen Jardim, ATB Capital Markets, Canada
Helen Kang, TPG, San Francisco
Gina King, LPL Financial, Carolina
Patricia Koetzner, Siebert, Williams, Shank, National
Beatrix Kondor, BTIG, Georgia
Ginny Kowalczyk, Cboe Global Markets, Chicago
Christina Kowalski, Conestoga Capital Advisors, Philadelphia
Jill Kreutz, BTIG, Dallas
Ann Claire Lathem, Edge Capital Partners, Georgia
Brittany Letto, Morgan Stanley, Los Angeles
Stephanie Libien, Jefferies & Co., National
Agata Lipinski, Colt, Chicago
Rosanne Lissow, Decatur Capital Management, Carolina
Nanette Marks, ISC Global, St. Louis
Claudette Mason, FBR Riley, Boston
Kate McAllister, Global Liquidity Partners, National
Aisling McConville, StoneX Financial, New York
Kat Miller, Stifel Nicolaus, St. Louis
Lauren Miller, Jefferies & Co., San Francisco
Stephanie Minister, Liquidity Book, National
Janice Morgan-Hilsman, StoneX Financial, Florida
Janhavi Nandre, Mackenzie Investments, Canada
Kirsten Neuendorff, RBC Global Asset Management, Canada
Joany Page, BMO Capital Markets, Canada
Georgene Pedrie, Seagall Bryant & Hamill, Denver
Sarah Phillips, S3, Carolina
Roberta Pigat, TD Asset Management, Canada
June Anne Reid, Scotiabank, Canada
Amy Reichard, Broadridge, New York
Inessa Ruffman, JonesTrading, National
Meena Saggar, BMO Asset Management, Canada
Chiara Sarata, LeveL ATS, Boston
Patty Schuler, BOX Options Exchange, Chicago
Paula Sexsmith, Viewpoint Investment Partners, National
Alina Shah, JP Morgan, San Francisco
Kelli Springer, Kansas City Capital Associates, Kansas City
Elizabeth Traster, Wells Fargo Advisors, National
Lisa Utasi, ClearBridge Investments, New York
Amy Wiedmeyer, Northwestern Mutual, Wisconsin
Erin Williams, Stifel Nicolaus, San Francisco
Lexi Zawacki, Fiduciary Management, Wisconsin
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