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Eleven Years of Independence
Antebellum_ 11 Years

11 years ago curator Rick Castro created Antebellum as a salon for people defining 21st century culture. Antebellum is fiercely independent.

Watch a short film produced and directed by Rick Castro that offers insight into the Antebellum experience.
Chillin' at the Museum
TOM's Pleasure Garden in Helsinki -- June 21st
Tom_s Pleasure Garden
A Plaque for TOM
In Helsinki
A Plaque for Tom
People are lining up to cast votes for their favorite design.

The Cult of Iconified Homosexuality
A Review in Kunstkritikk
Tom of Finland
Tom of Finland

On the exhibition The Pleasure of Play in Helsinki:
No one would dispute the importance of Tom of Finland for generations of men searching for their sexual identity in surroundings that were often hostile and reluctant.

From an article by Maria Hirvi-Ijäs

Brazil Solos, A New Explicit Film by Antonio Da Silva
A Review in Accidental Bear
Brazil Solos

From the moment I finish watching one of Antonio Da Silva's films, I am already aching for his next. Always skating the line between porn and art and always turning me on. TMI? I make no excuses for being a perv and you shouldn't either. Antonio Da Silva's choice of men in his films is exquisite.

Brazil Solos interviews 30 Brazilian men. They are all naked, relaxed and excited. They talk about the diversity in Brazil, their fantasies, the Cariocas, the butt, the hipper sexualisation of the black man and much more... All are sexually attracted to other men and very sexually active, despite the fact that they live in a very conservative and religious country.

AVAF x Tom of Finland x PAOM Collection
A Review in Accidental Bear
The Collection is Hot

Take a look at the collaboration between contemporary artists Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide Pierson of assume vivid astro focus, Tom of Finland Foundation and Print All Over Me (PAOM), an unprecedented apparel collection and platform that invites viewers and customers to become active participants in the design process.

The collection features 27 unisex pieces, including designs exclusive to this project, such as the classic motorcycle jacket, muscle tank, short shorts and even a prideful flag. Each order is inevitably unique, and is specially made through PAOM's unexampled standards or production and distribution.

Tom of Finland Posters Removed in Helsinki
By Transport Chiefs after Pornography Complaint
An article in Uutiset
Tom Posters Removed
TOM OF FINLAND (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920 - 1991),
Tom's Finnish Tango, 1947, Gouache on paper, 11.380" x 8.13",
Tom of Finland Foundation Permanent Collection, © 1947 Tom of Finland Foundation

Posters promoting an exhibition of work by the iconic gay artist Tom of Finland was taken down from digital advertising boards across Helsinki's transport network on Thursday after a complaint to police. However after an intervention by the city's deputy mayor, the posters were restored.

The picture, in the iconic style which won Tom of Finland - real name Touko Laaksonen - worldwide fame, is being used on the posters for the Tom of Finland: The Pleasure of Play exhibition which is currently on display at at Kunsthalle Helsinki.

Tom of Finland
Välähdyksiä nimimerkin takaa
New LIKE Book on TOM

A new book on Tom of Finland has been released by LIKE in Finnish. This book is an entertaining cross-section of Tom's career and life. Pages: 250.

Queer Time and Place
An Article in frieze
Queer Time and Place

'What does it mean to make queer art now?' Paul Clinton asks artists and writers Catherine Lord, Carlos Motta, Charlotte Prodger, James Richards, Prem Sahib and A.L. Steiner to respond.
Everything has changed and nothing has changed.

Paul Clinton is editorial assistant of frieze,
based in London, UK.

At Art Basel in Basel
June 16 - 19, 2016 
Detail from the Buddy Series
Tom of Finland
Detail from the Buddy Series, 1969

Los Angeles Band of Brothers
July 16, 2016
Band of Brothers_ Rush

Discover the depths of fraternity.
Pledging is only the beginning!

A Play Party for Men

Boxers or Briefs?
Boxers or Briefs_

The Underwear Expert's style reporter Daniel Miller visited Foundation's
Life Drawing Workshop to ask the models that burning question:
Boxers or Briefs?


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