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DJ Hell and Tom of Finland
  Hold on Tight... It's quite a ride!
DJ Hell and Tom Of Finland
If you love Tom of Finland artwork, you should see it move! You can in this uncensored video from the first single of the new upcoming DJ Hell Album Zukunftsmusik.
Release Date: December 24th, 2016
Label: International Deejay Gigolo Records

Ad Schuring
At ToFF Art & Culture Festival 2016
Ad Schuring at Art Festival 2016
A big thanks to Ad Schuring for capturing and sharing videos of our 2016 Art & Culture Festival.
See what you missed -- or re-live the fun!

Homo Riot
Installation at TOM House
Homo Riot Installation

When I first saw the shipping container and its placement alongside the famous house that was once inhabited by Tom of Finland, I couldn't help but feel a connection to the Halsted's of my erotic dreams. Nestled against a wall, behind a big black gate and towering ficus hedge, there was an instant association for me between this structure and the truck trailers out back of Halsted's.

With this piece, I believe I've been given the opportunity to do what I would have done there but in this historic place where creative energy, gay love, lust and sexual history ooze from every crack and crevice.

Homoerotic Artist Tom of Finland's Art and
Culture Festival Celebrated Beefcakes,
Art and Beefcake Art
An Article in LA Weekly
LA Weekly Reviews Festival
People from around the world gathered at the unassuming house at 1421 Laveta Terrace in Echo Park, where homoerotic artist Tom of Finland used to reside, for the Tom of Finland Foundation's Art and Culture Festival 2016. This year's festivities celebrated the "printed heritage" of the gay community, which, frankly, makes it sound less sexy than it was. Really, it was like a Tom of Finland drawing come to life.

Complete Coverage of
Tom of Finland's Art and Culture Festival 2016   
Tom of Finland Art and Culture Festival 2016
Durk Dehner
On Finnish TV
Durk on Finnish TV
Earlier this year, Durk Dehner was interviewed on Finnish television. The interview starts 18 minutes into the program. Clicking the link will bring you directly to the broadcast.

Tom of Finland  -  The Musical
  An Interview with the D irector
Tom of Finland Musical
OR call this segment "Tom of Finland - Musikaali - Haastattelussa Ohjaaja"
This very short interview (1:42 minutes) is in Finnish, but with English subtitles.

"At heart, this musical is about finding yourself."

The Artist's Round-Table: Legendary Figures
On Generating Queer Counterculture
An Article in
Queer Artists Round Table
Photography by Rhys Ernst

Writer and performance artist Ron Athey invited crucial queer figures of the 1970s and 1980s counterculture to TOM House in Los Angeles. The participants included:

Toro Castaño, Durk Dehner, Fayette Hauser, Amelia Jones, Bruce LaBruce, Glen Meadmore, Sheree Rose.

TOM All Over You
Print All Over Me

This is the design Tom did for his Foundation.

Now you can wear it oh-so-sexily on a bomber jacket, T-shirt, mesh tank or bandana from Print All Over Me.

Think how cool you'd be...
...if you gave all your friends this book.
Deven Green _ Jonathan Kidder at TOM House
Tucked behind a monumental Eugenia hedge on a street of modest bungalows and apartment houses in the rapidly gentrifying Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park is one of the gay world's most idiosyncratic and authentic historical sites. Known officially as Tom House (or the Tom of Finland House), it is the place where the revolutionary Finnish homoerotic artist Touko Laaksonen (1920 -1991) lived and worked for much of the last decade of his life.

1421 Laveta Terrace, now home to the Tom of Finland Foundation and the men who administer it, has now been immortalized in Tom House, a new hardcover imprint from Rizzoli. The vision of ingenious creative director Michael Reynolds, the book combines interior photographs from revelatory photographer Martyn Thompson, words from essayist, journalist and design authority Mayer Rus and unpublished preparatory sketches and drawings by Tom himself. The result is an experience that celebrates Tom's work and life in an entirely new light, inviting readers to explore a hidden world of dreams and desire-the world of Tom of Finland.

All We Want
All We Want
Animals Keep Us Human
A Goodbye to a friend.
Animals Keep Us Human
Photo by Martyn Thompson
We were certainly fortunate that Stone let us be a part of his life.

TOM House isn't the same without him.

He is survived by his sister, Pearl and his pal, Sebastian.

Deitch/Gagosian/Picasso Collaboration,
Desire, Hits Miami
TOM OF FINLAND (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920 - 1991),
Untitled (From the story, Kake vol. 11 - TV Repair),
1972, Pen & Ink, gouache on paper, 11.38" x 9.13',
© 1972 Tom of Finland Foundations
With a title like Desire, you can put practically anything under one roof. That's what the list of 50 artists feels like for the show that opened November 30 at the Moore building in the Miami Design District.

Diana Widmaier-Picasso is the curator of the show organized by mega-dealers Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch, who mounted Unrealism, a selection of figurative work, at the same location last year.

Forget about the art of the deal.
How will Trump deal with the arts?
Head by Tom Otterness
Head by Tom Otterness
The easiest thing is to expect the worst.

How could Donald Trump, snippy tweeter, reality TV huckster and the only human to give "Hamilton" a bad review - without seeing it, of course - be anything but bad for the arts?

Sandra Swirski says she has advice for art museums or any cultural institutions. Call big donors and let them know that they should consider making gifts before the end of the year.


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